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Photo Thursdays – Sacha Maric

Okay, this is late, yes it’s Friday. Things have been a little crazy on my end, but this post to me is worth the wait. Hope it is for you too. Holy amazing if you ask me. I’m beyond inspired.

This is the work of Sacha Maric who’s based between Copenhagen and London.  I find it again, similar to the last photographer I posted on from Ben’s Blog, amazing and inspiring that he has been working professionally for about 4 years.  He says this about his inspirations: “I’m inspired by unconventional approaches to art. be that photography, film or music. Nothing is more exciting than having your eyes open to a new perspective or take on things. Also, my surroundings, the mundane things that cross my path in everyday life. Friends, family and my daughter. The dark and cold Scandinavian winter and the rejuvenation that I feel when spring arrives.” (Ben Trovato Blog)  See Ben’s Blog for more of his work and stay tuned for a book coming out soon!

The Ben Trovato Blog

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Surf Meets Fashion

It’s amazing to see two of my favorite industries blending closer together – surf/skate/snow and fashion. When the economy took a turn a while back, the surf industry and fashion industry began to struggle which has forced companies and designers to put out some really great product in order to survive.

Quiksilver ten years ago consisted of cotton dresses, beach like clothing and sandals. I loved the brand because of what it represented, but I didn’t wear their clothes.  Within  last year Quiksilver and other surf/skate companies really began to take more of a fashion forward stance, along with RCVA (Erin Wasson) and Insight’s skate/fashion streetwear in order to survive the economy.  At least something good has come out of this economy!  The bathing suit and the colorways at the bottom are my favorite.

These pictures are from Sincerly, Jules. Her blog is lovely, you have to check it out! Thanks Jules for the inside scoop!

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Spring Trends – Lovely Lace

American Apparel
There are so many ways to wear to wear the LACE trend – girly flirt LACE, sexy Madonna 80’s LACE, or loose, flowy and lingerie like LACE.  I love it all!  One of the best things about this too, is it’s easy to do and you can find some pieces at almost any thrift store or American Apparel shop has a section all on LACE. Shop it here.
image credits – top left to right  (,, and americal apparel)
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