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Runway Collections || Marchesa 2011

TRENDING: Artful wearers, lace, gothic, embellishments, nudes. I am positive we will be seeing some of these being worn on the likes of Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, and Jenn Garner. Can you see it? I  Which one is your favorite?

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Fashion Photography Thursdays || Some Favorites

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

Coco Chanel quote

Alice Gibb and Olga Sherer, Sennowe Park, Norfold, Englan, November

Via Fashion Projects

Petrovsky Ramone Fashion Photography

Via Trendland (My Favorite from the group)

Richard Avedon,Steven Meisel, MarioTestino,MertMarcus

Via Web Urbanist

I’ve been MIA lately, please forgive me. Hope these bring you some inspiration. Beautiful artful and colorful photography, no? xx

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Art, Design and Inspiration At the Pacific Design Center

It was Thursday and I was craving art. LA seems to have all the best art events on Thursdays for some reason.  I got in touch with my friend Carolyn, who’s always in the know when it comes to LA haps with art and music.  She was heading over to the Pacific Design Center for their event openings and I was so happy I went. What inspiration! That’s what I love about LA.

Going on now you’ll find Greg Gorman, a photographer who’s shot almost everyone in Hollywood. On display you’ll find classic old school pictures, mainly black & white of Kevin Costnar in his twenties, James Franco, Ashton Kutchor and some other people that arn’t strikingly handsome (you can see the one’s that stuck out in my mind, whoops ;)

I found my friends in the Ralph Pucci showroom, as she wandered along with her new man, handsome I might add, and they moseyed through the beautiful showroom as if they were picking out pieces for their home. It’s always fun to play house in these showrooms, as if you can afford a $20,000 dinning table.  Art/design events are such a great date place, a perfect way to start an evening.  Don’t you agree?

I did not leave with a $20,000 dinning table, but I did leave with a ton of design inspiration. Check out his website HERE.  It screams, ‘yep, I’m hot.’  The music is bold and it can be, because I’m Ralph Pucci.

After we died over everything in the Ralph Pucci showroom, we visited Carolyn’s friend who was manning the SEE LINE GALLERY with the Ebony G. Patterson exhibit, Fashion Ova Style.  This was impressive. She managed to get a car into the gallery. How you might ask? Taking it all apart and putting it back together – that’s ambition if you ask me. On top of that, she managed to decorate every little piece of fabric, jewels, and more (see picture below – doesn’t do it justice.)

‘Fashion Ova’ Style’ is a Jamaican colloquialism that comes from Jamaica’s popular Dancehall culture. The term proclaims a sense of inventiveness and a willingness to push the envelope against what is understood as being  ‘stylishly ordinary’. An opportunity to make your own fashion while expanding on what is considered trendy. It also exemplifies a pseudo – masculine trend in dancehall that has become a kind of camp- machismo displayed by gangstas, entertainers and dancehall’s avid patrons. (from

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