This spread combines three things I love and dream about often: PARIS and flirtatious femme beauty, fashion’s best couture designers who celebrate the beauty of the little black dress and the well known photographer, Patrick Demarchelier.  What a fabulous pair.

Chloe is by far one of my favorite designers. I always feel a 70s retro feminity transpired through their pieces.

“…as she arms herself with bows”

Big hair -> Big bows ;)


Smokey eye, femme big hair and draped top paired with a sexy leather glove.


Lily Donaldson
Vogue UK
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
August 2009

Patrick Demarchelier was born outside Paris in 1943 and has lived in the US since 1975. His photos regularly appear in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Rolling Stone, Newsweek and Elle. Beginning in 1989, he was the official photographer of Princess Diana of Wales, becoming the first non-Briton to become an official photographer for the Royal Family. In 2007, he became an Officer dans l’ordre des Arts et Lettres, and his work was the subject of the retrospective Patrick Demarchelier: Images et Mode at the Petit Palais in Paris. (

See more HERE at R U GLAMOUR and read more about Patrick Demarchelier HERE. If you saw the September Issue, he played himself.


“Only great minds can afford a simple style.”

Stendhal quotes (One of the most original and complex French writers of the 19th century, 17831842)

images via R U GLAMOUR and STYLE.COM

Sienna Miller ; Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson in Vanessa Bruno at the Chateau Marmont

images via google images

The beauty of this trend, is the class and effortless beauty of such simplicity.  It could be compared to the classic black dress, but it makes much more of a statement.  RED came to focus this season, but primarily as a bright orange red rather then deep red.  Dresses made with such bold color,  are complimented well with a simple neckline and a touch of girliness – a bow, extended shoulders or an extended skirt line.  Any way you do it, this trends says  ‘confidence’, paired with ‘classic taste.’

With such a bold statement, there are some things to consider:

DONT go too tight

DON’T go too short

DO simple styling ( a belt, and simple or simple necklace)

DO add tights (but only sheer or black)

DO make it girly

Send me pictures or free feel to ask me any questions!



images via

Is anyone else freaking out over this as much as me? While girls dream of wearing red carpet gowns, other maybe of their wedding dress, and then their are designers like Sophie Albou, who dream of wearing the perfect balance of color, high fashion, vintage, and a sexy chicness.

The colors here  make me want to smile (or dance), as reports that all of Paul & Joe’s models were smiling down the runway.  Who wouldn’t want to strut a huge smile and maybe even wink an eye in these clothes.  The color was RISKY, yes, BOLD, most definitely, and KNOWS HOW TO HAVE A GOOD TIME, absolutely!

The brown, peach/orange and yellow give a  70s vintage inspiration, and the styling with prescription glasses and long necklaces complete the look.

Paul & Joe have recently invaded Robertson Boulevard Los Angeles, with their first store in the United States. While I can’t image the entire store is as fun as this collection, the colors will be going bold for Spring, and jumpers such as these are ones to be adored.

image via Refinery29

Read more HERE


CAFTANs have been around for a  while, some of the best patterns and styles are from 1960s and 1970 and have made their way back to the forefront of my heart. From red carpet, to lounge wear and swim covers, Caftans are beautiful chic and a celebration of 70s boho fashion and many times celebrating patterns from different parts of the world.


ETSY has some great options for less. Vintage is a great way to go since such few designers are making Caftans the way they used to be. However they are around….

IN Residence has one of my favorites by OYDLYNE. See post HERE.

Natori – Bergdoff Goodmans

Rachel Pally – Bergdorf Goodman

Anna Sui

My Theresa


Just released and blowing up everywhere, Maximum Balloon. This is the solo project of TV on the Radio’s David Andrew Sitek. Not quite a solo album and not quite a side-project, Maximum Balloon features Sitek’s beat-making, songwriting and collaborative production skills all at once, authored with different singers he calls, “his favorite voices in the world.” Sitek explains to RCRDLBL he’s always been obsessed with dance and indie music. He seems humbled and surprised by his success, stating that he’s even surprised to have a job “I am perpetually perplexed by how my name comes up sometimes,” Sitek humbly admits. “The fact that I even have a job blows me away. I feel like I’m going to be doing landscaping again pretty soon. I far exceeded any goals I ever set for myself. Even when I’m in the same room with someone who I’ve known for a while, I ask myself, ‘How am I in the same room with this person?’ It’s crazy.”

Theophilus London is most definelty one to watch. While his old stuff seemed a little more above the crowd, he seems to be becoming respected amongst not only the Hip Hop crowd, but also making his name in indie and dance music.

Is it really Monday? This song just makes me want to go out and dance. Free download below. xx



Feathers, stones, metals, and layers – the complex, warm images struck me with the bold contrast and Arabian elements.

Strong poses with mixes of elegance and a flow of complexities that don’t overwhelm her. The styling and construction are genuinely beautiful.

Vogue Germany November 2010
Wild Dreams
Photographer: Greg Kadel
Model: Liu Wen

Seem more of Greg’s work here.


As many of you know by now, the rumors are true, Lavin is collaborating with H&M. I was quite excited when I recieved this in the mail the other day.

Designed by Lanvin’s artistic director Alber Elbaz, and mens­wear designer Lucas Ossendrijver, the collection will hit 200 H&M stores on November 20th. The rest of the world has to wait until November 23rd. The collection will also feature menswear.

I hope to make it! After all, Vegas is only a few hours away. xx


Two Point Oh LA Fashion Bloggers joined forces to come up with this lovely lookbook for Fall. Check out all these looks – styled and modeled by the Two Point Oh LA Bloggers.

If you’ve been wondering what’s trending for Fall, we’ve got you covered. We pulled from the California Market Center last week from the showroom’s hottest Fall arrivals. Enjoy!



I did a post in the Spring for Oxfords  and they are still a strong shoe for Fall. If you haven’t purchased yet, now is the time!

How to wear?  See below.

They are always cute with a skirt (almost any lenght and shape is fine.)  Jeans, the key is to show a little space at your ankle and the jeans must be skinny. I love they way they look with a textured tight too.


All adorable. Have fun with them! xx


Cut Chemist is taking you on a musical journey this rainy Monday. Enjoy. xx

Cut Chemist has a range! Growing up in L.A.’s rap Unity Committee as well as being one of the ablest solo turntablists on the globe, Cut Chemist is also a member of two highly rated crews: underground rap kings Jurassic 5 and the Los Angeles Latin funk band Ozomatli. Soon after the record’s release, Unity Committee came together with another group, Rebels of Rhythm, to form Jurassic 5.


I had a great feeling about LA’s newest boutique In Residence, since I first received the invite earlier in the month.  They showed an uniqueness with the philosophy of ‘quality over quantity ‘ and last night was no let down. With a distinct message of giving us something a little different in a shopping experience, which we all want, we entered In Residence: a boutique for men and women that ignites passion for old and new, providing an experience where fashion, art and community collide. I give them kudos for bringing in lines that you maybe have either just heard of (if you are in the know) or have never heard before – and lines that you will LOVE. (see sample lines at the bottom of the post)

In Residence | 2051 Sawtelle Boulevard | Los Angeles, CA 90025

Owners Rachel Salzman and Tracy Moulton

Tracey Moulton and Rachel  Salzman met in LA. With years of combined work in business, styling, retail and fashion – they seem to have a recipe for success. Tracey owned a vintage clothing store in NewYork City, Exquisite Costome Vintage, so if you like elements of  OLD and NEW as much as I do, you’ll be very pleased with their selection. I coulnd’t have been happier to see Odylne, a line I just stublemed upon and have been obsessing over, brought into the store. See the Grecian Goddess dress below. DIVINE!

They carry CLOAKS!

Couldn't stop staring at the hippie chic cream blouse - the rose went perfectly. The colorways they chose were perfection for LA's Fall.

Loren Stewart jewelry

Some fantastic studs.

Along with the beautiful shop, they brought in a great crowd as well -  stylish, friendly and a few known names and faces you’ve probably seen before…scroll down below to see more..

I felt almost as if we were in someones home – the feeling was very welcoming, relaxed and unpretentious.

A must have this season, BOLD PANTS!  But only if you can pull it off like this auburn curly haired belle. She rocked her look perfectly with her funky frames, high bun and long satchel bag.

Cutest preggers girl ever, right?!

It’s funny how close girlfriends start to dress alike after they’ve spent enough time together.  Colorways are ‘Fall appropriate’ and the accessories are enough just to complete the look – they could be straight out of a window display at Barnes, don’t you think?

LA's DJ Martin Pettis, modeling the MEN'S SWEATER OF THE SEASON. In store now - everyone was loving this amazing sweater.  Chunky knits are a MUST HAVE for men and women alike.

Tracey and Rachel (owners pictured center) with hosts Vanessa Carlton (left) and Julia Stiles (right)

Actor Topher Grace and friends

“The lines In Residence will be carrying are either new to LA or underrepresented, but that is, of course, what we are so excited about” explain Rachel and Tracey.

Sampling of lines In Residence will carry:

  • In Residence – In house line of luxe basics for men and women. The first collection represents four staples pieces that will become a mainstay in your wardrobe. The perfect tee, throwback sweatshirt, classic henley, and a super cozy softie. All made of %100 cotton and produced in Los Angeles.  The next collection of In Residence wardrobe essentials is already in the works.
  • Electric Feathers- Beautifully constructed and unique silk dresses and jumpers. Heavily featured at No.6 in NY and at the Montauk Surf Lodge this summer.  In Residence will feature an exclusive hand-died selection of one-of-a-kind pieces for the In Residence opening event.
  • Tenet – A new young retailer that shares the simple, clean aesthetic of In Residence.  Basics for men, such as chambray shirts, classic knits, etc.
  • Upstate – Amazing oversize shawls and scarves in crinkled and raw silks. Hippie-chic but wearable and fantastic.
  • Odylyne – Feminine and easy to wear tops, trousers and dresses.  For the holidays, In Residence will feature more formal pieces from the collection: ruffles and a little bit of sparkly.
  • H. Fredriksson – Sophisticated tailoring and eco-friendly production.
  • Ernest Alexander – Accessories for men. Simple leather belts, chambray ties, etc.
  • Velva Sheen – A recently revived old-school basics line.  Carrying their classic tees in 2 packs for men.
  • Nina Z – clogs.
  • Boyy Bag – Up and coming designer handbags. Chic,  and wearable with a little bit of edge.
  • Loren Stewart jewelry – opening jewelry for In Residence –
  • Vintage: Selection of everything from basic Levis to repurposed army backpacks, etc. Tons of handpicked dresses, jumpers, sweaters…things we have found from coast to coast in a few months of thrifting.
  • Fragrance: In Residence custom organic body oils in two easy to layer unisex fragrances
Last 3 PHOTOS Courtesy of Preface PR | Los Angeles, CA 90036