Beautiful people Jenn Elias, a photographer and a LA based actor.

Beautiful stranger rocking a little edge, glam and funk all into one.

Just beautiful

One of The Flying Culinary Circus chefs. These 4 Norwegian chefs were most definitely the life of the party – smiles ear to ear and ladies were loving their outfits.  I could only track down one, but all four were dressed in their own brand’s plaid pants and matching tops – darling. This guy was definitely one of my favorites from the night!  What they do is pretty amazing …read more about them here —

Beautiful stranger with his Beautiful Dog

Great night at The Standard Hotel Hollywood, for the Paper Magazine party. Beautiful people indeed to compliment what was already a beautiful night.


Thusday at The Beverly Center Macys hosted the launch of Material Girl.  The collection is designed in collaboration with Madonna and her daughter Lourdes, the Macy’s “Material Girl” collection reflects edgy and cool with a unique sense of style. From high-waisted shorts, quarter sleeve slouchy blazers and tanks mixed and matched to reflect personality, they have a range of everything.
Kelly Osborne, known recently offering her stylish opinion on E Online’s Fashion Police and who’s revamped her style to be ever more glamorous, was named the face of the second season.  This is most definitely fitting, as the line has a London rock and rock feel.
Material Girl finds a marriage somewhere between Madonna’s rock and roll 80s style with lace and a bit of edge, while Lourdes, whose 14, offers the sweet element with floral print, pinks, and basics.  The price point is very affordable ranging from $20-40, and will most definitely appeal to the Forever 21 customer.
And it’s the perfect time to bring in another designer with the likes of Jessica Simpson and my recent favorite Rachel Roy. I stoped up stairs to peruse, and their is a couple Rachel Roy pieces I defintely wouldn’t mind having in my closet!

Thanks to Everywhere PR for hosting  a great event. xx

Thái Nguyên is known by some as a city in Vietnam,  the capital of Thái Nguyên Province, in northeastern Vietnam. To others it is a beautiful line of gowns and the name of a man who recently starred at Bravo’s most recent fashion competition, “Launch My Line”.

Chartreuse Draped Chiffon Evening Gown with a Black Ribbon Belt

We had the chance to view the Fall 2011 presentation last Saturday at the ACE Gallery.  The young designer began his career as a denim designer for BCBG and  is known for his elegant gowns, structured and tailored looks.

The designer quotes about his line “The fall collection is all silk and flowy, very romantic, not so body conscious. It’s very chic elegant, the way I want to see women dressed. I suppose it has influences from New York and Europe, as well as Asia a bit. Sophisticated, but young and innocent at the same time. I could see Anne Hathaway or Carey Mulligan wearing these clothes. The color palette is black, navy, nude, grey, lavender and orchid – that Sandra bullock at the Golden Globes orchid. The fabrics are a mixture of silks from chiffon to organza – very romantic. The shape is straight down, not body-hugging like Dolce & Gabbana. It’s not a super sexy look – it’s more chic and lovely. And it’s drapey, with an unconverntional drape.” – Fashion Rules

– By Heather Mosby & Kristen Conahan

Check out his collections:

Images by Image House/Sascha Knopf & Albert Urso

Elouise van Riet-Gray’s Fashion Spread Lost in Wonderland, immediately draws you in with it’s rich color combination and the fantasy like story. Riet-Gray is known for using a lot of props in her stories which adds a playful element to fashion which can be somewhat serious. What is even more amazing is that she never really knew her career path until later in life, after kids actually.  I admire her success and achievements for following her heart later in life. Riet-Gray mentions the camera she received for her 21st birthday from a friend, and admitting her friend knew her better than she knew herself.    Case and point it’s NEVER TOO LATE to do what it is you love.

The playfulness and vintage clothing marries perfectly with her huge hair and pale innocent expression.

“The location was an inspiration for this story. Its at a place called the “Old Museum” in Brisbane. Its just on the edge of the CBD but has this crazy garden. Well cared for by Eduardo, he was so proud of his oversized corn, I had to take a shot in the corn….the one with the blue dress and yellow hat. It initially wasn’t intended to reference “Alice in Wonderland” but it seemed to head that way during the shoot, so we casually pursued the feeling.” – Ben Travato Blog

Read more at Ben Travato’s Blog HERE.


Somewhere between Grizzly Bear and Band Of Horses, you’ll find Isbells. We couldn’t be more delighted by their second single on their debut Album, Reunite. You’ll find Isbells offers that calming yet happy sound perfect for working to or playing as background around your house music. Upbeat lyrics, with Irish/Celtic music undertones and a voice to ease yours wounds, Isbells will soon be climbing the charts. Based out of Leuven, Belgium they’ve been playing for 15 years and knew it was time to start something of their own. In addition to Vandewoude, band members include Naima Joris, Bart Borremans and Gianni Marzo.


The tittle of this post was utterly clear to me — after only one week of Hairdreams extensions, I have been getting nothing but LOVE. Seriously, I mean, cars stopping, heads turning and compliments right and left. It was proven to me that I had some of the best hair extensions around when I went to get a blowout and the stylist said they were some of the best he’s seen.

It couldn’t be clearer Hairdreams extensions are truly a dream come true. And as we know in Indian culture, healthy beautiful hair is treasured and represents love – I can see why.

Inspired by most Disney movies, Sarah Jessica Parker, and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston looking dazzling on the red carpet I’ve always wished for long, HEALTHY hair. And that is the key, growing it out is simple, keeping it healthy is something entirely different.

I visited the gorgeous The Doves Studio in Santa Monica, Los Angeles last weekend excited for what was about to be. After researching for weeks I found that The Doves Studio was not only the most qualified for hair extensions but had also received wonderful reviews for service and quality. I went to Chris Rosario since he came highly recommended and was the most qualified in Los Angeles for extensions.

I entered the Salon at 2pm with air dried hair….

They started off by washing my hair to clarify it, straightened it then began the process.

After only a few short hours [phew!] I saw my locks grow before my very eyes!

For more information on The Doves Studio, which I high suggest if you are considering hair extensions, contact them:

The Doves Studio 2000 Main Street, Unit #B Santa Monica, CA 90405 USA

(310) 399-7654


If nothing else during LA Fashion Week, I make sure to attend Directives West Runway Presentation. This year’s show featured Whitney Eve, by Whitney Port, along with many other designers representing LA — Yuyu, Twinkly by Wenlan, James | Icon, Hazel, 50 dresses, Donlan Kolae, J Brand, Imposter, and Dolce Cabo.  The show kicked off with Whitney Eve presenting in orange hues, tribal prints, and mixing patterns.   Patterns and styles such as her 70s  print wrap dresses and seemed remnant of Diane Von Furstenberg. Overall  most of Whitney’s looks seemed to remain  bohemian chic with a bit of an edge while overall keeping a sophistication. All work wearable mainly.

Whitney Eve

Whitney Eve

Whitney Eve

Directives West also featured three LA ladies who all beat to their own style drum.  Erin Weinger, co-founder of Style Section LA, styled Kolae (pronounced Ko-lay). Their debut presentation offered sheer cream tops and simple lines in a solid maxi or tailored pant, also incorporataing a bit of edge with a leather short. Co -designer Cameron Spear has an impressive background interning at the likes of Alexander Wang and Theory – and it shows in the collection.  The other two featured LA Tastemaskers included Hellin Kay of Champange & Heels teamed up with 50 Dresses while  Laurie Brucker, of styled Dolan.


Other lines to watch include Hazel,  known for their sweet and playful styles but offering more sophistication for Fall 2011; Twinkle by Wenlan – textured hand knits and flowly dresses; and Imposter – an animal friendly line featuring faux fur in diversed styles. Imposter has been known to be worn by style icon an animal supporter, Sarah Jessica Parker as well as Olivia Palermo – the lady can’t stand but who’s style we ADORE.

Twinkle By Wenlan



See more looks here on Style Wax Poetic’s HERE facebook page.


Designer Anh’s collection “From Water To Ice” represents a very personal journey. Water, represents her family escape of the Vietnam war just in time for Anh’s birth -taking place on a ship out at sea. She was abducted for one year at the age of 8 which as anyone can imagine were difficult times, which represents “Ice”. Anh’s personal influences on the collection brings an artistic approach as colors and fabrics represent emotions and history.

Rough ruffles and sequence combined with darkness illustrates the focus of overcoming hardship and embracing strength. Knee high black boots combined with erotic, gothic, jagged styles and cuts paint the picture of fashion that tells a story of the past and how time reveals the resilillent ones. The painted tears on the faces of the models explores the emotions that the designer is feeling. Embrace in the dark to find the light. Yes, There is light in this collection and it is surrounded by darkness! L’Une meaning “The One” finds light. One light in a pool of darkness! ~Heather Mosby


Everyone knows the The XX – old news. And many know Matthew Dear but his range of talents and collaborations may not be known. He is an American prodcucer, DJ, and electric avant-pop artist. He’s remixed with talent such as The XX, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Spoon, Hot Chip, The Postal Service, and Chemical Brothers – he’s one to watch if you can keep track of him. “He maintains four aliases (Audion, False, Jabberjaw, and Matthew Dear), each with its own style and distinct visual identity. He straddles multiple musical worlds and belongs to none—and he’s just hitting his stride” RCDLD


“The movies of Wong Kar-Wai and the poetry of Asian Art is my endless inspiration. And I’m a dreamer living in 2046 year” ~ Tatiana Kurnosova

Moscow based photographer, Tatiana Kurnosovais, is one of the most unique fashion photographers I have seen to date. Her latest set consisted of solely two models and all the outfits were made entirely of paper. Not only is she a talented photographer with impeccable lighting and focus skills, but she was also the one who designed and created all the looks for this shoot. She is definitely someone to look out for!  Tatiana fell in love with photography a couple years ago and has been working for only  a year. She’s been published in in several Chinese (HI-LOW, Cold Tea ), Indonesian (WOWMAGS), Portugal (Digital Photographer), American magazines (File, World! Webzine) and many more.

~ Irma Melkumian