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{Legendary German Photographer Juergen Teller || Why His Fashion Photography Is More Than Dress Up Dolls}

“I just turn the page,” Teller says of those very glossy fashion shots. “It doesn’t really interest me very much. My work has nothing to do with that. I just really like women, and I like men, and I like children, and I like eating, and I like doing everything. It’s something real. I’m for the individual human being, not some plastic figure some gay guy thought out. That’s valid for something, but it’s not my cup of tea.” (NY MAG)

Teller explains to NY MAG, why to the shiny ‘perfect’ highly retouched images just don’t do it for him. Teller, a heterosexual man, finds “realness” in the photos, as to him are more attractive and real – more rawness, a man’s touch to fashion. It comes through in final product and it’s appreciated.

Known for shooting campaings with Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, Emilio Pucci, Kate Moss, and many more he’s made his mark in the industry. Currently exhibiting in Texas and gradually making his way to the U.S. Check out a few of his images below..

Emilio Pucci Campaign

Marc Jacobs Book -- Via Selectisim

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{LA Fashion Collective Is Out To Prove LA Fashion Has More To Offer Than T-shirts & Jeans}

Los Angeles Fashion Collective, the marriage between LA-based fashion show producer James Campbell and PR specialist Lauren Stillman of LSPR, has their mission set — to bring the LA community together to support the local design talent. One event at a time, they assemble local fashion bloggers, media, talent and the who’s who to bring celebrate LA Fashion.  Last week, they presented at Stone Rose Lounge at Sofitel Hotel featuring three great LA designers: Katie May, Alexx Jae & Milk, and Pleasure Doing Business.

Looks were styled by Amy Nicole Bernstein and Alison Carreon of Wardrobe Wear, a newly-launched personal styling service. They used accessories from Velvet Angels, Luv AJ, J. Landver, Disney Couture and Steve Madden jewelry.

LA Fashion Collective works in tandem with an integral supporting cast that includes David Dietch of Dietch PR, designers Janine Blain of J. Blain and Carol & Elizabeth Ai of Ai for Ai as well as Erin Weinger, Co-Founder and Publisher of Style Section LA — all prominent figures in LA Fashion! I wanted the chance to speak to them to see who’s behind this driving force that has filled a capacity that LA has been so in need of.

StevenWilliam Photography

Katie May – Created to embody a modern woman with an aesthetic drawn to classic
silhouettes modernized with fit and fabrication, Katie May is developed and produced in Los
Angeles. Fall 2011 marks Katie May’s second collection.

Alexx Jae & Milk – Designed by Alexx Jae Monkarsh and Milk boutique owner Bari
Milken-Bernstein, the fashion-forward collection is made entirely from overstock fabric bought in
downtown L.A. Recently featured on Lucky Mag and LA Times All The Rage.

Pleasure Doing Business – Pleasure Doing Business has already made a splash
amongst the style set with its must-have bandage skirts. For Fall 2011, Pleasure Doing Business
continues to develop with the addition of dresses, tops and more.

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{LA Fashion Collective || Bring LA Fashion Talent Together One Event At A Time}

Being new to LA, a year still seems new, I’ve just begun to get my hands dirty in the true LA Fashion..

Luckily, through my work in Fashion PR and this lovely blog, I’ve started to slowly peel back the layers of what LA Fashion has to offer.  Just like most things in LA, the great things are not in your face and it takes some time and insiders tips to discover the great things out there.  After Fashion Collective’s event last week, I wanted to speak a little further to the driving force such a succesful event. I thought, who better to ask about LA’s ins-and-outs in regards to fashion than the experts that bring it all together.  Here’s a little behind the scenes from the creators of Fashion Collective…

SWP: What are some of the reason for working with the featured designers. What do you like about the collections?
: We have a few different criteria when it comes to selecting the designers we feature. First and foremost, we look for designers whose collections posses a design quality in terms of their aesthetic and perspective. Secondly, we are interested in designers who have a certain market credibility — designers who are able to marry unique designs with a commercial viability. For the designers we featured this season, we love the femininity and sophistication of Katie May while Pleasure Doing Business has an urban edge that makes a bold statement. Alexx Jae & Milk’s collection has the essential California ease with a rock & roll twist.

Katie May

SWP: LA has taken leaps and bounds in the last 10 years with the level of fashion — how do you think LA Fashion defers from New York?
LAFC: With our events, we’re out to prove that LA is beyond a “t-shirts and denim town” — which is a typecast we’ve heard about LA fashion on many occasions. In our opinion, Los Angeles fashion has a certain relaxed ease in terms of the look of the pieces and the way they’re worn whereas New York is a bit more structured.

SWP: Some of your favorites shops in LA?
Lauren: I am an accessories junkie. I always find the most unusual and covetable jewelry at TenOverSix on Melrose.
James: American Rag is definitely one of my go-to places and I love Douglas Fir on Third Street for shoes.

SWP: Who’s running the show when in comes to LA fashion — who are your go-tos for celebrity stylist, brands, fashionable “it” girls or LA reads?

LAFC: For this last event, we partnered with a few of our favorite fashionable “It girls” — Amy Nicole Bernstein and Alison Carreon [pictured in an earlier post HERE] of Wardrobe Wear, a personal styling service. Amy styled the looks in the show and introduced us to some great new LA-based jewelry lines like J. Landver and Luv AJ. In terms of LA reads, we are always perusing Style Section LA. They approach everything with a sense of humor and really have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the culture of our community. WhoWhatWear is also a great place for finding fresh fashion and beauty perspectives and we love that they’re based here in LA. In terms of designers, we are always on the lookout for who has the potential to be the next Jenni Kayne or Cynthia Vincent. We love that these LA brands have helped expose the West Coast look to an audience beyond LA.

SWP: Favorite Spring trends and must have piece of the season?

Lauren: One of my clients, trend forecasting and retail consulting firm Directives West, introduced me to my latest must-have for Spring — “the third layer” — at their FIRST.LA Spring 2011 fashion show [See the show HERE]. Things like wispy chiffon cardigans or silk kimono jackets that help me achieve a Boho-Glam look.

James: My favorite spring trend is Yacht Club Cool. It’s a fun way to incorporate some color or sport some slim khaki cargos.

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