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{Fashion Photography Thursdays | Kate Daigneault}

Based out of Southern California working mostly in San Diego and Los Angeles, Kate Daigneault is looking to make a name for her self with her story titled Royal Savage. Featuring Morgan from Scout Model and Talent, taking the role of a young woman sort left alone in this vast, lonely place. Morgan had hair and make up done by Brooke Hill, and was styled by Kate herself with fashion from American Apparel, GAP, Jeffrey Campbell and others.

Kate says this about the story: “- This story, called Royal Savage, was actually inspired by the crowns which I made out of found objects. Its about this young woman sort of left alone in this vast, lonely place. She takes this as an opportunity to become the ruler of this world. I decided to keep the styling pretty simple and use mostly gold and jewel tones to help this out. Morgan was a great model because she is just starting university and in a way starting a similar journey.”

(via Ben Travato Blog)

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{Music Mondays | German Electronic Ambient Music}–ajx5AcU9E&feature=player_embedded
Okay, it’s official, I would LOVE Berlin.

This tune, from Berlin, is a beautiful ambient tune by Apparat (Sascha Ring), a German electronic muscian who is one of the owners of Shitkatapult records. Starting out with dance floor-oriented techno, he later started to create ambient music and more recently became “more interested in designing sounds than beats”. Sascha is currently on tour with Moderat. Check for tourdates!

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{Backstage Pass | An Intimate Gathering At The Soho House With Barneys + Francois NARS}

“Use your instinct in fashion and follow what you love.  Keep your inspiration at a high light. Really believe in what you do” ~Francois NARS, June 24th 2011

Last Friday, we were invited to an intimate gathering for a Q&A with chic Barneys’ Fashion Director Amanda Brooks and Francois NARS. To say I walked away inspired, would be an understatement. Francois NARS is not just a creative genius but sweet, gracious and NORMAL. His interests were never to be famous, which is very clear.


We gathered in the penthouse at The Soho House, West Hollywood, with views looking all over the city of Los Angeles, in total a group of 25/30 bloggers and media. We sipped on ginger/blueberry infused proscesco, as we listened attentively to Francois NARS answer all our behind the scenes questions.

Amanda Brooks has the choice of all the best makeup lines at her fingertips and she mentioned she ONLY wears NARS lipstick in matte. She spoke of the NARS being the leading collection for Barneys in that they find the absolute perfect color. Francois adds, “To find truly the perfect color, you have to be passionate, which I am. You have to stay very open. I can get inspired by many different things.”  He continued, “I love color always. Although I really am a black & white person as well. I can find inspiration for color anywhere. It comes very natural for me. In a garden or nature…”

To continue on the topic of color, Amanda herself is not big on trend colors. Grey nail polish she would usually never consider, until of course she sees NARS version. NARS finds the most perfect pigment of color.  “It has to be the right depth, the right balance” Francois Nars adds, “Grey nail polish is not the perfect color, so you really have to perfect it.” He continues on to say that not ever color is meant for every person, “Don’t force color. You should be instantly attracted to it.”

One of my favorite things about NARS is the genius names he uses for the tittles of his products. He loves to travel and said he has used the names of trains all over the world. The infamous still popular Orgasam blush is in almost every girl’s makeup case.  A few others creative names from his Summer collection include, Douceur, Kismet, Ecume, Taj Mahal, Sex Appeal, and Exotic Dance. He said the names add a touch of romanticism.

One guest asked his about regime for staying youthful and vibrant looking (he’s in his early 50s by the way – I know, we couldn’t believe it either!)  Francois explains, “I love to laugh. I try to stay away from people who don’t laugh. I don’t smoke, I drink on occasion, I love wine, but I try to eat all organic. I also drink chlorophyll and wheat grass everyday. I noticed that when I stop doing that, my skin doesn’t look good. Overall, I think just being happy really helps. And of course, lots of water”

Francois revealed he will be collaborating with the Andy Warhol Foundation in the near future. He believes makeup is closely related to film by gathering inspiration from old movies, old hollywood, very iconic and creative times.

He was kind, genuine and after hearing him speak we all fell in love with him/NARS even more.  We loved having the chance to hear such a creative genius give us his behind the scenes secrets and we walked away with a gift bag from NARS’ Fall 2011 collection. Amanda Brooks said she expects lots of plums, golds and saffron this Fall. We received a matte pencil in a deep plum Train Bleu Velvet that I can’t wait to try, along with the ever popular Gery Nail polish these days, in Galion. Many thanks to Barneys for putting this together! xxx

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