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{What to Wear | New Years Eve}

New Years Eve is one of those nights – you want to dress up to make it special, but you don’t want to go over the top.  Now, what’s over the top? These days, less is more.  The key is to sparkle just a tab, with a touch of cool, without turning into a Christmas ornament.

I recently returned something at Bloomingdale’s, yes returned, but ended up drooling over the All Saints shop they have inside the women’s section. The line is oh-so-cool, different, but offers a ton of sexy sequin pieces that are toned down or cut in a way that make it much more than just another sequined dress. I highly recommend you check them out. If you are not a dress type of girl, a sequined stiletto or gold embellished clutch adds enough jazz to an ordinary outfit for a night out on the town.

My favorite look of the night is the sequined blazer with jean shorts, always a classic look, but the sequins add a new modern twist, perfect for New Years.

Everyone goes to the staple, the black dress or simple dress with shimmer. The better way to go this season is a little less traditional and maybe a little bit less dressy, but with a touch of your own personality to the outfit.

Shop All Saints HERE

Shop Sequin Blazers HERE at

Shop Sequins Clutch HERE – $45.45

Shop Festive Hair Accessories HERE

Shop a Metallic Skirt HERE at

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{What to Wear to Meet your Boyfriend’s Parents}

Enzo Mantovani, an Italian designer, specializes in chic clothes that keep you warm. The pieces are made in Italy and offers basics in many colors.  The ‘boyfriend cardigan’ is perfect for lounging around the house while the ‘sportswear model’ will take you from pilates straight to the grocery, looking chic. Enzo Mantovani covers all the staples styles that every girl needs in their closet – v-neck, zip-hoodies, and a striped cardigan. They are made from Mongolian cashmere, which would cost 75% more in department stores.

Surprisingly, the line currently only available in the US at Costco – of all places!  You can track you nearest Costco and find out when the next shipment of Enzo Sweaters will arive: Now, that’s a good reason to visit your local Costco.




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{Music Mondays | Isabel Wing}

A new artist is on the rise. Isabel Wing’s first single is released on iTunes and she’s definitely one to watch. Young, talented and nothing short of unique – her quirky personality will make you laugh, (maybe the next Ellen Page?), while her humble sweet side will win you over.

Isabel’s captivating voice and thoughtful lyrics scream stardom. Not only that, she’s only 16 and has the world at her hands. Support a rising star by buying her single on Itunes. If you like Joni Mitchell, you’ll absolutely love Isabel Wing.

Isabel Wing was discovered and developed by engineer and producer, Kelvin Parker, at Avenue 34 Studios -. Check back to see more of his work and rising stars.

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