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{I Think It’s Love | ODYLYNE}

A good morning turned into an AMAZING morning, after I received these lovely beauties from ODYLYNE. A simple concept and blend of bohemian and vintage styles with a touch of modern, clean lines. ODYLYNE is only a couple years old, and their genius designs are spreading fast amongst bloggers and retail stores. They truly understand the bohemian chic look that every woman is striving for thees days: chic, elegant yet effortless. Find their full collection here: and check out their blog for inspiration: They really understand the bridge between chic and cool, and their pieces will undoubtably make you think, is this LOVE? Check back for outfit posts very soon.

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{Music Mondays | Hiatus}

Image Via 'Can Your Hear This'

This soothing melody takes you on an instrumental journey. Close your eyes and enjoy. When not writing, Cyrus produces electronic music under the name Hiatus. His debut LP Ghost Notes was created largely from samples accumulated during his time working as a journalist in Iran.

I came across one of his tracks through my friend Carolyn, who has an amazing electronic page HERE, and happily discovered more and more of his work. Stunningly beautiful and speaks for itself.
Listen to more of Hiatus’ work HERE with many generous free downloads for your to enjoy.

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{Bloggers Market | Hosted by Sincerley, Jules}

I found my way to the Bloggers Market today, despite the rain. I knew it was going to be a good one – hosted by Sincerley, Jules, my FAVORITE vintage clothing company, Pretty Genius, Late Afternoon, Honestly…WTF, and many more. I had to make it to this one.

Pretty Genius' Booth - Lovely & Colorful, as always!

The crowd was  beautiful one and the clothes were amazing (despite the fact this is the junk in their closets they DON’T want. I felt  a little odd about shopping the clothes they’re done with, but hey, I had to at least go check it out.  I told myself I wasn’t shopping, but Pretty Genius gets me every time. Erin and Renee scour not only LA, but Palm Springs, SF basically anywhere they can, to find us the best vintage out there and sell it at a decent price. I walked away with two amazing finds for $60, but couldn’t have purchased much more…

Tribal Vest

Vintage Top

These tops are hard to see on the hanger, but they hang perfect and once styled right, I can’t wait to wear them!



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