Reviews: A Skincare Product I Can Truly Stand Behind: Ever’s Overnight RETINOL Facial Oil

“If you’re not on a retinol, what are you doing with your life?”

I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to try a ton of products, but not all leave an impact in my life. I’m excited to share one of my new favorite Retinols with you- click to view.

Hi babes! Ok, so you may know, I LOVEEE retinol. Like, obsessed. Like, if you’re not using retinol, are you really living?! JK

For the past year, I’ve been hooked on Dermalogica’s Retinol 1% and once I’m sold on something, it’s like, why switch?! But my brother’s wife mentioned a new product to me, so, I gave it a whirl.


This breakthrough retinol oil fights visible signs of aging. Works to help smooth, tighten and firm the appearance of skin.

The reason I love it is because IT WORKS. And by works, I mean, I’ve noticed, others have noticed, even my dermatologist asked what brand I was using because she said whatever I’m doing, don’t stop!

What I’ve noticed by using Ever’s Overnight Facial oil is an overall clearer complexion and evenness. The first couple days I felt that my skin was glowing but I’m not sure I notice that just as much anymore. However, retinols are not only used for immediate results, but truly long term benefits – collagen building for years to come. Read here more about when I became obsessed with retinols.

Another thing I really love about Ever’s Overnight Facial oil is the consistency. Most retinols that I’ve experienced come in cream form and I love that this product comes in an oil form – it feels nice and smells nice too.

If you’re just starting with retinol, make sure you follow the directions. Your skin will need to adjust and it can become very dry if you use it too often or use too much. I will say, I love that it’s allowed me learn about my skin more and get in tune with it. When using any aggressive product on your face – acids, vitamin c, retinols – it’s important that you compensative with some extra attention and love. After the product is soaked in, it’s always best to layer with a nice moisturizing cream to prevent any drying affects. Make sense? Just get to know your skin and what it likes/can handle.

It’s a little pricer but they have a lot of promotions – PLUS – it works. Nothing is better than a few products that work versus a ton that don’t. Let me know what you babes think if you try it out.






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