Facial with Kerstin Florian at The Montage Laguna

Every woman deserves a day at the spa, at least once a year. Treat yo’self.

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A while ago I started a series called a facial a month, but sadly this is my first post. The series is to challenge myself, and you, to take the time out for our skin each month. I find that we learn so much during facials and there are so many different types that can help keep our skin radiant. I am very interested in the science and understanding of skincare; recently started a ASK THE DERM series. I’m all about learning so that I can keep my skin youthful for as long as possible and inform you all on the best tricks and secrets from the industry experts.

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I was invited by the Kerstin Florian team to help celebrate Global Wellness Day at The Montage in Laguna Beach with a facial treatment and honestly, their spa is one of my favorites yet.

I had been here once before but never to experience the spa. It’s really, really incredible. What makes it’s so special is that you feel as though you’re on vacation somewhere tropical. The scenery puts you at ease and helps you relax – I could have stayed there all day.

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Upon arriving, I was greeted by a friendly spa attendant and enjoyed a tour of the facilities. The spa actually isn’t huge, but the area is so peaceful and serene. They have the gorgeous patio pictured above that’s surrounded by palm trees and plants. Their hot tub has natural light and a fountain link waterfall to add a little extra ambiance. To the right, not pictured but shown in my SnapChap, is a cold bath – they recommend sitting in the hot tub for 7-10 mins then dip in the cold bath for 7 seconds. They say to repeat this 3 times – I only got through 2!

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It wasn’t until last Saturday that I noticed I have a serious thing for outdoor tropical showers! I know it’s a small thing to be excited about, but these showers emerged in tropical plants and filled with Kerstin Florian products made me so happy.

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I broke in my new sandals for the day (although they do provide clean flip-flops as well). I loved my new platform sandals for summer!

A little more on the wonderful brand who put together this awesome event.

Kerstin Florian creates results-driven luxury skincare from powerful plant and marine elements combined.

Everything I’ve used so far has been simply amazing and has made my skin feel great. I know one of her favorites has been her rehydrating Neroli Water raved about by Allure and some celebrities. Here’s a breakdown of what it does. Vogue UK recommends her Kerstin Florian Correcting Hyaluronic Serum and explains why we should be using it. I really LOVED her shampoo, conditioner and body wash that were stocked at The Montage – my hair was amazing from using it. I’m just going to dive into some more goodies by her so I’ll be sure to update you soon as I try them.

For a fun little recap on the property and the facial, watch my Snapchat video on YouTube (disclaimer I’m not YouTuber but wanted to provide you with some live footage!) and below is another example of a facial by Kerstin Florian.


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