I tried this procedure on my face

I tried this procedure on my face

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About a month ago, I tried something new on my face. In celebration of the newish The Face Bar in Beverly Hills, I tried my first chemical peel in Los Angeles.

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The concept here is quite genius – it’s a blow-dry bar concept (in and out services on-the-go) that offers a chemical peel in Los Angeles for all budgets. Instead of a $200-$300, you can receive a chemical peel for $69, which is pretty incredible!

Chemical Peel in Los Angeles

I was invited to a blogger and media event and without thinking twice, I jumped in the chair with excitement. But I have to admit, I wasn’t really prepared for what I was getting into. I’ve had “peels” in my facials, and I’d heard of chemical peels, but I honestly hadn’t done my research on them yet to know the extent of what they were. I remember a lot of people recommending them for glowing, younger skin in the long run so I said, why not?

What to expect for your first chemical peel

Their 30 MINUTE TREATMENT is supposed to be the most advanced skincare treatment of its kind out there today. I have nothing to compare it to in terms of peels, but it was definitely intense. I did absolutely see results days after.


  • The experience itself is quick – they feed your face with a vitamin cocktail, steam to open up your pores, work on extractions, use a customized acid pad for brightening, add collagen to the skin using a cold roller (which feels amazing), then put on the customized peel.
  • The Peel – the actual peel that they put on your face does burn – I wasn’t expecting it so I wanted to make sure you were prepared. It feels as though it’s eating the top layer of your skin and is highly painful for a few mins. I do wish that I had a little wine or something before the actual procedure to stay relaxed.
  • After care – I would be prepared with a lot of foods, drinks, and lotions in advance. Stop at the store on the way home if need be so you don’t have go out days later. I was embarrassed to go outside for a good 3-4 days and thank goodness I work from home!
  • What it feels like – my skin felt like it had a really bad burn. There’s a combination of burning and itching, along with the peeling. I ran out of the lotion, so I started using coconut oil which I don’t recommend! It wasn’t soothing enough and caused a lot of pain. Use only one The Face Bar recommends and keep an extra tub of thick lotion on hand – your skin will suck it up so don’t use anything expensive.

What to expect after the peel

Days after the peel and after my skin healed, I really did notice a big difference and I was glad I did it but when they say beauty if pain, I feel that they were speaking of this! My situation may have been worse as I did both my face and neck, which made my experience a lot more extreme. The neck takes about a week longer to heal.

Would I get a chemical peel again?

Even though the experience was tough and painful, I have to say I probably would get another chemical peel in Los Angeles at The Face Bar.  I noticed the skin looking really soft and renewed, which was incredible and exciting. I don’t have acne but I hear that it helps a lot for people that do, so if you’re curious about it, I would absolutely give it a try! Just be prepared to know what you’re getting into.

Not quite ready to for a full chemical peel?

No worries, you can work your way up to it and try out The Face Bar’s Glow On The Go, which is great before major events when you want your face to be looking amazing!

If you’re looking for a chemical peel in Los Angeles, check out The Face Bar – http://thefacebar.la to set up an appointment.


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