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Hello, September + Beauty Collections Curator

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Best Hair Salons in LA

Sally Herberger, LA Salons, LA Hair, Prettiest Salons, Best Hair Salons

Los Angeles certainly doesn’t have a shortage of hair salons and talented stylists, which is wonderful, but having so many options can also mean being overwhelmed with choices. Having lived in Los Angeles for four years, I’ve tried quite a few hair salons and I can say that I honestly have been to some of the best that LA has to offer. Here are some my favorites:


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Summer Makeup Secrets

Thanks to Skinny Cow for sponsoring this post.

Flat Lay, Makeup, Skinny Cow, Summer Makeup, Makeup Finds, Best Makeup

When it comes to summer makeup and beauty products, I find women can go either way: either you’re obsessed with trying everything on the market or you go without because it’s just too overwhelming! As a blogger, we get the chance to try out various products and talk to the experts making them, so I love having the chance to share some of my secret beauty finds with you. When we find good products, they can really enhance our life making us feel impossibly good. Let’s talk makeup secrets!


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Colorstay Makeup For a Hot Day | The Knot Dream Wedding

ColorStay makeup, The Love is On, The knot dream wedding, Sonoma Weddings, revlon colorstay makeup

As you may have seen on Instagram, I was invited to attend The Knot Dream Wedding with Revlon last Thursday at the beautiful Chateau Saint Jean Winery in Kenwood, California. As Style Wax Poetic hopes to inspire its readers to approach everyday life in a romantic way, I was so excited to see the beautiful details that made this day incredibly special for the sweet couple, including the colorstay makeup products that were used on Samantha (the bride) and the mother of the groom.

The wedding took place at noon on a hot summer day with temperatures in the 90s, so you can imagine how important the colorstay makeup was for Samantha. Each of these Revlon Colorstay makeup looks are super simple, pretty and affordable. Have you ever kissed your boyfriend and your lipstick gets all over his lips? Revlon’s colorstay lipsticks ensure nothing comes off, even when you’re eating. Their eyeshadows stay for 17 hours and their gel nail polish ensures there’s no chipping.

I’ll be back tomorrow to share more of the beautiful details The Knot Dream Wedding and my full experience of Kenwood. For now enjoy these simple looks on the sweet bride Samantha!

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6 Skin Care Secrets I Wish I Knew Earlier

Flawless beauty, glowing skin, skincare secrets


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Lip Crayons + Giveaway

spring beauty, spring beauty giveaway, lip crayons, how to spring makeup, look of the day

The sun is out, the flowers are blooming and the cherry blossoms are here. It’s definitely spring. With that comes new colors: whites, yellows and brighter shades, which means we’re going to be updating our beauty look, too!

Kristen conahan, beauty giveaway, makeup artist beauty, lip crayons for spring, spring beauty makeup, makeup giveaway, l

I was recently introduced to a new line called Vintage Cosmetics. I tried a couple of their products and I love them, so I’m excited to share a Lip Crayons review. What I love about them is they are lighter than lipstick and are so moisturizing. They really do have a  velvety, creamy feel and give a really nice matte color. I was wearing them here in my last post if you want to see them on.

Vintage Cosmetics was crated by celebrity makeup artist Jessica Liebeskind, who has worked with Heidi Klum, Olivia Palermo, Jenna Bush, Nicole Miller and Catherine Malandrino to name a fews. I can trust after working with so many makeup lines as an artist, when it’s time to put your own line out, it’s going to be the best of what each has to offer. Which I can attest to with their lip crayons.

Lip crayon review, lip crayon and lipstick, matte lipstick, beauty tips.

JESSICA’s Tips for your Lips!

1. Each shade features a hint of pink and complements lip tone for natural-looking color and universal wearability. 2. Wear alone or layer with SPARKLING LIPGLOSS for added shine. 3. Doubles as a cream blush in a pinch. ***This is a total score.


I’m giving away 2 sets (choice of two colors – value $44 dollars) and the runner up will get a choice of one these gorgeous lip crayons for you to try out. That’s three winners! They are offered in pink lily, vintage rose and candy coral – all amazing colors you’ll be wearing this spring.

lip crayons


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The giveaway will be live for one week and three winners will be chosen at random.   Thanks for reading! X

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Society Salon: Blowouts for Days, Literally

Best blow-outs in LA, Best Salons in LA, LA Salons, Membership blowouts You have a rough work week, you”re going out to an event and the thought of going home and having to get ready is exhausting. Wouldn’t you just rather have someone do it for you, while you sip on champagne, scroll Instagram and leave feeling like a million bucks? Enter Society Salon.

Society Salon, Melrose Ave, Best Salons in Los Angeles, Unlimited Blowouts, Blowout Bars, Blowout Bars in Los AngelesUs girls, we always love a good blow-out. If you have hair like me (half curly + half straight), blow-drying your hair hasn’t ever been easy. While I always joke about having someone there to help me get ready, I know I just couldn’t afford that… until now.

Society Salon is a membership salon by Sam Devine (pictured above) offering amazing prices, especially if you’re paying $40/$50 dollars each multiple times a month. How does $80 a month sound instead? Girl, I just gave you extra shopping money. #YES

Unfortunately, Society Salon is only for Los Angeles readers at this time, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this concept pop-up in other cities soon.

Prices below:

Unlimited blowouts.*
$80 / month with one year commitment                                                                                        $120 / month with no commitment

Unlimited blowouts, haircuts, and single process color.*
$120 / month with one year commitment                                                                                        $200 / month with no commitment

Unlimited blowouts, haircuts, single process color, highlights, and low lights.*
$180 / month with one year commitment                                                                                        $280 / month with no commitment

Unlimited haircuts.*
$60 / month with one year commitment                                                                                          $80 / month with no commitment


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Hair Secret + Transformation

Hair Stylist Los Angeles, Best Hair Salons, Hair Extensions, Bellami Hair Extensions

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Project Runway: How To Create Luis Casco’s Runway Beauty

Mary Kay Cosmetics, Best Beauty Products, Project Runway Beauty Looks, How-To MakeupMakeup c/o Mary Kay

Did you catch the finale of Project Runway last night? I’ve been a fan of the show and I was thrilled when Mary Kay Cosmetics reached out to me to re-create one of the runway beauty looks from the finale. All looks were created  by a very talented artist, Luis Casco, who I’m literally obsessed with after recreating the beauty look he envisioned. The looks were all gorgeous and very easy to do on your own.


Amanda Valentine, Beauty How-To, Makeup Tutorial, Project Runway, Celebrity Makeup, Runway Beauty

I chose Amanda Valentine’s Final Project Runway Look. This look is great for all skin tons and offers a dramatic, yet natural look because  there are no harsh colors are used. Bronzes are great for offering a dramatic look without making it feel like you painted your face to unrecognizable! Plus, it offers a mild smokey effect.

Ok, let’s get to it If I can do it, I promise you can too.


How to do Makeup, Los Angele Fashion Blogger, Best Beauty Products, Project Runway Finale, Celebrity Makeup Artists

The first step is to use Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Amber Blaze (make sure your face is clean and moisturized). This project is used on eye as highlighter, covering the the entire lid up to the crease.  It’s a gorgeous color even on its own but for this tutorial, we want a little more dramatic look on the eye, so we move on to step two.


Project Runway Finale, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Beauty Blogger

For step two apply Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color’s Copper Glow, which is just a slightly darker base shadow in Amber Blaze. For this, take a new brush so that you don’t mix colors and start at the mid of your eyelid and extend to the corner. You’re aiming to gradually get darker as you reach the corner of your eye.


PROJECT RUNWAY, GET THE LOOK BEAUTY, How-To Makeup, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Get The Look

Step three is the last lid color and the darkest of all three. We used the Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Truffle to add the smokey effect. You’ll want to use this product sparingly, as a little goes a long way! Use the same brush that you did for the 2nd mineral shadow, it’s similar color so it’s OK. Start in the crease of your eye (corner) and extend in, keeping most of the product in the corner of your eye and in the crease.

Now that all the color is on your eye, you’ll want to use a blending brush and BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! (*NOTE – this is when I like add my overall BB Cream or foundation to even out your skin tone as some of the shadows may fall under your eye).


Mary Kay, Bronze Eye LIner, Makeup Tutorial,

I’m a blonde with green eyes and I’ve come to LOVE bronze eyeliner. Black and dark brown liner can look very harsh, so I’ve really been into bronze or plums for lining my eyes. This step is very simple, just use Mary Kay Eyeliner in Bronze to line the entirety of your eye – it’s going to make the color really pop!



This was the first time  I’ve used Mary Kay mascara and it was amazing! It didn’t clump and it provides a lot of length. Here’s what it should look like after your eye lids are complete.

how to makeup, makeup, project runway


runway beauty, makeup, makeup tutorial, project runway

For this step, you’ll add a a natural blush (Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color in Sparkling Cider) to contour and highlight your cheeks. This helps add a dramatic effect to your entire look and bring it all together.



You see here, her lips are natural yet they definitely add to the full look, bringing out her eyes and her cheeks.

makeup tutorial




Buy the Entire Look Here!

MAKEUP, MARY KAY, LOS ANGELES BLOGGERLearn more about Project Runway’s Makeup Artist Luis Casco here and Mark Kay Products.

Photography by Michel Pinto Photography

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Monthly Beauty Buys


There are so many products on the market and new products coming out, it’s hard to know what to buy! Does it really work? Is it worth the cost? What’s the latest products? This new series will break it down for you.

1. Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel – Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel refreshes and invigorates the delicate eye area for a renewed appearance. I have to say, I was gifted this to try but I will definitely be purchasing it again as I was blown away by the results. The product has aloe vera, which moisturizes and heals, and a calendula extract which softens the skin. Cucumber essence tightens pores and decongests to reduce puffiness. Eyebright extract works to constrict capillaries to brighten around the eye area while hyaluronic acid binds moisture to the skin for an instant plumping effect. I felt it working and I really think I’ve noticed a firmness. Cost $40. Rating = 10. SWP APPROVED

2. Essie Foot Scrub – Essie is the champion of nail polish, it would only make sense that they put out a full scrub, moisturizer, and oil to prepare your hands and feet before polishing. Straight from the salon, the essie spa pedicure line is designed as a hydra-resurfacing system to deliver exfoliation and moisturization for optimal results. Wash away dead skin cells and rough patches to reveal softer skin and the scent is really amazing! Rating = 9. SWP APPROVED

3. Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream – Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream is a lightly-scented, fast-absorbing moisturizer that hydrates your skin. They say over 8 weeks, its formula with a brightening complex fades the look of dark spots, age spots, sun spots and discoloration – evening your overall skin tone. I haven’t had it that long, but it does feel really nice on my skin and feels like it would smoothen out everything. Rating = 8. Cost-effective. SWP APPROVED

4. Deborah Lipman – Lately, I’m obsessed with darker nail polish because it goes with everything, especially the latest fall colors. I’m also completely against buying cheap nail polish – there’s a reason it’s only $3, it doesn’t really work – so Deborah’s line is always a good choice. SWP APPROVED

5. Supermodel Body’ Slimmer Shimmer Shape, Hydrate & Glow – Last week, I celebrated the launch of Charlotte Tilbury into Nordstrom. We walked away with a few of her products and I’ve been complete impressed. For one, the package is gorgeous! For two, they work, but some of the prices are a little steeper than most lines. This body glow was amazing, though. I love the tube squeeze and roll process so you don’t need to get your hands completely dirty. It feels really nice too! It will cost you around $65 but if you’ll use it a lot (summer dresses, the beach, pool parties, etc) than I’d say it’s definitely worth it! Rating = 9. Cost 65. SWP APPROVED

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