As influencers, we receive a lot of nice things to test out or review, but not all are the same. This gift, from function of beauty, was something special.
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function of beauty is a hair care brand, but it’s not just hair care, it’s hair care personalized for you. Their slogan is hair care as unique as you are, which I can appreciate. They’re all about celebrating individuality.

I received this package from function of beauty and instantly fell in love. You can see from the pictures that the presentation is gorgeous. The hair shampoo and conditioners come with your name written on it (too cool) and they even provide you with a pamphlet of your customized order and a personalized regimen of how often to use it.  I already admired their website design but the presentation upon receiving it impressed me even more.

The older I get (or maybe it’s more that now I can afford nicer things), I’ve started to appreciate the beauty of products just the same as the product itself, if not more. I can be rough on items I own (Sagittarius quality perhaps?) and I’ve noticed that if I truly appreciate the beauty of something, I want present it in a way that I can see it daily sitting in my shower or on my countertops. Quality over quantity type philosophy. I take care of it if I place a higher value. I crave to own less things, just better quality items that I love.
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So how does it work? The process is really simple. Simply go to function of beauty’s website and take a quiz. They’ll ask you to select your hair type, your hair goals (we all have those), then personalize your hair care with your name and fragrance request. I chose passion fruit papaya and it smells amazing.

personalized hair care for you, best hair care product, la blogger, beautiful hair care

Shortly after that, you’ll receive this gorgeous box in the mail of hair care personalized just for you. I think it would make an amazing gift too – and not that price at $36!  Gifts are so tough and to find unique brands like this can really brighten someone’s day, if they’re obsessed with design like I am.

I just started using the product so I honestly can’t say how it’s affected my hair. I know that it takes a while for hair care to really kick in but giving my hair the time and attention it needs is something I’ve had high on my list lately. My hair stylist always says, “It’s like going to the gym. You can’t go once and see results, you have to continue to work on it and give it time and attention to maintain or recover good hair.”

Other amazing things about function of beauty:

  • Cruelty free
  • Sulfate free
  • Paraben free
  • Toxin Free
  • Made in the USA

Their hare care personalized just for you starts at $36 dollars and free shipping. What do you think? Is this something you’ll try out? Let me know in the comments below.




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Halloween is less then a week away. If you’re like me, you probably don’t have your Halloween costume ready. UGH – why do we wait so long? Well, don’t worry, I have some great ideas for you. One way to achieve something amazing in a short time is a amazing face of makeup.

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Today I’m thrilled to be launching a new series on SWP called ASK THE DERM. Personally, I’ve find skincare to be extremely interesting: new facials, differently philosophies on ingredients, and science constantly discovering new advancements. I love to know much more than is is written on the package  – you know that generic jargon that all sounds the same? So this series will help dive a little deeper into the why’ and the how’s of products and skincare.

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soul cycle Hollywood, soul cycle giveaway
soul cycle hollywood, soul cycle giveaway

I’m so thrilled about today’s giveaway, Soul Cycle Hollywood is giving away 5 classes to one Los Angeles based reader. Soul Cycle Hollywood has a special place in my heart because my first Soul Cycle Ride ever was at Hollywood and I was in absolute heaven (pain, but heaven). Their classes are fun, high-energy and loud (not for the faint at heart). You’ll feel as though you’re in a healthy club atmosphere and dancing on a bike is not only welcomed, it’s encouraged. I hosted a class a few months back and will hopefully host again sometime in the new year.

Where are my LA Soul Riders at?


Follow Style Wax Poetic on Instagram and Twitter. Comment below telling me about your favorite Soul Ride or why you can’t wait to try Soul Cycle out for the first time. Giveaway ends December 28th at midnight PST. Good luck!


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I’m so thrilled to bring you this very special giveaway today from Maison Kitsune X Shu Uemura. For the season, Maison Kitsuné launched into the world of beauty with an exclusive collection for Shu Uemura. Maison Kitsuné is known for its contemporary vision of fashion influenced by Paris and Tokyo. Their pieces are not your basic, they’re reinventing the classics while mixing them with a daring range of colors, prints and materials. This special collection forges two of the world’s foremost innovators from East and West to create a neo-classic interpretation of shu uemura’s art of beauty.

THE GIVEAWAY – one lucky reader will win a Essence Absolue Nourishing Oil which is used for adding moisture, shine and protection from UV rays AND a Limited Edition Oil Shampoo Gentle Radiance Cleanser = a value of $180!

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halloween cat makeup. diy halloween makeup, creative halloween costume ideasThis year for Halloween, it’s all about the makeup. The face brings the whole look  to life and if you don’t have a costume, your face makeup can make your entire look.

Gold Goddess, DIY Halloween

For my second look this year (see first look here), I’m going to be a Gold Goddess. I decided the mine was great but the gold goddess is feminine and sexy, a little more appropriate for a night out.

Cleopatra Makeup, Halloween makeup ideas

One of my favorite Halloween makeup inspiration looks is this gorgeous look as Cleopatra. It’s so gorgeous (next year!).

Halloween Makeup Mermaid, DIY Halloween Costumes, Mermaid Makeup

These two are perfect for mermaid looks, paired with a pretty dress and you’re good to go.

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Los Angeles certainly doesn’t have a shortage of hair salons and talented stylists, which is wonderful, but having so many options can also mean being overwhelmed with choices. Having lived in Los Angeles for four years, I’ve tried quite a few hair salons and I can say that I honestly have been to some of the best that LA has to offer. Here are some my favorites:

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Thanks to Skinny Cow for sponsoring this post.

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When it comes to summer makeup and beauty products, I find women can go either way: either you’re obsessed with trying everything on the market or you go without because it’s just too overwhelming! As a blogger, we get the chance to try out various products and talk to the experts making them, so I love having the chance to share some of my secret beauty finds with you. When we find good products, they can really enhance our life making us feel impossibly good. Let’s talk makeup secrets!

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As you may have seen on Instagram, I was invited to attend The Knot Dream Wedding with Revlon last Thursday at the beautiful Chateau Saint Jean Winery in Kenwood, California. As Style Wax Poetic hopes to inspire its readers to approach everyday life in a romantic way, I was so excited to see the beautiful details that made this day incredibly special for the sweet couple, including the colorstay makeup products that were used on Samantha (the bride) and the mother of the groom.

The wedding took place at noon on a hot summer day with temperatures in the 90s, so you can imagine how important the colorstay makeup was for Samantha. Each of these Revlon Colorstay makeup looks are super simple, pretty and affordable. Have you ever kissed your boyfriend and your lipstick gets all over his lips? Revlon’s colorstay lipsticks ensure nothing comes off, even when you’re eating. Their eyeshadows stay for 17 hours and their gel nail polish ensures there’s no chipping.

I’ll be back tomorrow to share more of the beautiful details The Knot Dream Wedding and my full experience of Kenwood. For now enjoy these simple looks on the sweet bride Samantha!
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