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{8 Summer Dresses That Won’t Make You Feel Boring}

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1/2/3/4/5(my fave!)/6/7/8

With this heat wave, dresses are sometimes the only way to go, but without the right style and design, a simple dress can be a little boring. Dresses from Forever21 and H&M can look wrinkly or the fit may not be right, as the quality and design isn’t the same as a designer dress. Investing in a good dress or two is definitely worth the splurge; you’ll feel better in it and you’ll have it for seasons to come. These 8 picks are from two of my favorite stores OTTE NYC and Net-A-Porter. Most are marked down as surprisingly, stores are already thinking about fall merchandise! From color blocking, to brights like Emerald green, and of course my favorite, all white, these dresses will be investments for years to come.

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{Sunday Sale: 9 Zara Pieces You Need Now}

onlinesalezaraThere’s a key to good fashion without breaking the bank. It’s knowing what to buy and when. While FAST FASHION has definitely become a thing of today, there’s one store that stands out in my mind, and I’m sure yours too. Zara seems to be some of the best quality in the fast fashion category and the store that’s consistently producing amazing styles for a reasonable price. While I love Topshop, I can’t always pay what they’re asking for, and while H&M and Forever21 do have some amazing pieces, the dig is more time consuming and challenging because of the vast size store. The quality also, is not the same as Zara, and you may only get a couple wears out of it.

I’m constantly on a hunt for good pieces to add to my wardrobe and monitoring when to buy it. Yesterday, I visited Zara and it was nuts. I knew it would be easier to shop the pieces and sizes that I couldn’t find online. There’s a really good sale going on and it’s a great time to buy.

1 (just purchased!) / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

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{Wish List}

There’s SO many things on my wish list right now, it’s ‘cray.’Here are just a few things I’m loving right now from maxi dresses, to crop tops, poka dot napkins and floral blazers. UGH, it’s all bananas. Enjoy shopping my closet and comment below to let me know what you’re coveting.

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