The Truth About LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK EYE Surgery, What To know about LASIK

Are you considering LASIK? While I’m usually talking about fashion and beauty, sometimes I dive into some more “life” related topics that I think you will find interesting and helpful. Today’s post is all about why LASIK seems to be one of the best things many have done for themselves and why I’d highly consider it for myself. I recently had a consultation for LASIK and I was amazed to learn more about the procedure and where it is today.

To me, better eyesight equals a better quality of life (plus, LASIK, in my opinion, is safer in comparison to wearing contacts – we’ll get into this below).

So in partnership with the Refractive Surgery Council, I visited the Maloney Vision Institute to learn more about this common procedure. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Robert Maloney, a legend in the field and veteran eye surgeon who has trained over 1,000 doctors and performed surgery on over 60,000 patients. Recent to the practice is Dr. Shamie,  a superb cornea, cataract and laser refractive surgeon recognized as an expert in her field.

Both doctors made me feel completely at ease with their knowledge and grace. The practice itself has been known as the top in Los Angeles for LASIK and has treated many celebrities, professional athletes such as the Dodgers, olympic skiers, etc.

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What is LASIK eye surgery?

“Great vision without contacts in just 5 mins!”

LASIK (Laser-Assisted in SItu Keratomileusis) is micro-surgery, performed by a surgeon with a laser, which reshapes the cornea, and thus changes the patient’s vision. Correctly performed, this laser eye surgery can correct the most common forms of vision impairment—myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism.

The procedure itself has changed dramatically since 15-20 years ago. 40% of people who get LASIK are under the age of 30.

Is the surgery safe?

The common conversation on the topic discusses the risks of blindness and harming your eye during the procedure. After learning about where the technology is today, yes, it is incredibly safe! With the advancements in the field over the past 15/20 years, some argue wearing contacts puts you more at risk of harming your eyes as most people don’t use contacts properly (i.e. taking them out in the ocean or when you go in the jacuzzi). The doctors at the Maloney Institute share just how damaging some of these instances can be which is why they are a huge advocate for LASIK surgery and dropping those RX glasses and contacts for good. Complications are rare, but you can read about them HERE to get a full understanding.

lasik eye surgery

How has LASIK advanced?

The most advanced FDA-approved technique today is ALL-LASER LASIK. This means it’s so accurate that there is very little risk for error. It’s relied on by those in NASA and the U.S. Military as extremely accurate vision is important for their professions.

How do you know if you are a candidate?

The best candidates are those with prescriptions ranging between the range of -2 and -6, as LASIK will provide these individuals with the best chance of receiving 20/20 vision or even 20/15 vision. Those with a higher prescription are still welcome to the procedure but should understand that while their vision will improve after the procedure, it may not be perfect.

Candidates should also have stable vision – meaning their prescription hasn’t decreased over the last two years.

A free consultation is offered at the Maloney Vision Institute which can help you understand more if this procedure is right for you.

Wouldn’t Life Be Easier without Glasses and Contacts?!

Some argee the cost of the procedure is what is holding them back however, when you add up the cost of glasses and contacts for the next many, many years, the procedure is actually quite cost effective.

Imagine waking up without needing glasses, seeing the leaves on the trees clearly or driving without the thought of where are my glasses. The glare is often something glasses and contacts aren’t able to address, which is why LASIK is preferred for many professions where clear vision at night without glare is necessary.

Did you know there was vision better than 20/20?

While each patient is different, 97% of Dr. Maloney’s patients leave with 20/20 vision. Some may even have better vision; Maloney Institute now aims for 20/15 vision. His goal is for his patients to see better than they did with glasses or contacts.

What is the process like?

The first step is to get a consultation to see if you’re a candidate. This includes a complete and full eye exam. On the day of the procedure, the actual surgery is said to only last 10 mins! You’ll need a friend to help get you home safely, then the days following your eyesight will improve overtime.

The process seems quite easy and painless, it’s incredible! I’m a big fan of science and technology and constantly amazed at the things we’re able to do today as humans because of it.  I didn’t see the process live, however, I was able to watch video of the procedure and it’s quick! The scariest part is watching the surgeon move the corneal flap, but it looks a lot like removing a contact lens from your eye.

Considering the surgery can be life-changing, the process itself seems relatively low-maintenance. There are also ocular steroids you can use after the surgery to help relieve inflammation or dry eye symptoms.

To learn more, I’d refer you to check out and also schedule a consult with a doctor to find out if you’re a candidate.

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