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Happy weekend, beauties. Today’s post is a dedicated shopping post, sharing with you a new online luxury boutique you probably haven’t probably heard of before.

When we think online luxury shopping, most of us think, but there is a new major player in the game popping up as one of the most talked about shopping destinations in the UK, Avenue 32.

What makes them amazing is they carry all the major luxury brands we know and love, but are also known to bring in emerging designers. If you’re looking for something beautiful and unique for an important evening, they offer so many pieces that will really wow those around you and ensure you feel really special. I love wearing brands that are less discovered.

One example of this is the adorable, feminine, and playful Australian-based designer Alice McCall (pictured above). Her background is impressive, styling the likes of Beyoncé, Kelis and Blondie. She went off to launch her own line in 2004 and it’s been a success ever since.

Also, don’t forget, there’s one more day to enter to win these beautiful lip crayons. Have great weekend, babes. X


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{Capture The Manifestations of Human Identity Through Fashion}

It’s quite interesting to get to know someone behind the lens. A photographer, a good one, sees beauty in some of the most ordinary situations and uses the elements around them to highlight a prospective different than the overall scene. I particularly thought this was true of photographer Jake Edmondson. He’s captured the most beautiful imagery I’ve seen of Los Angeles Fashion week. His photos take LA Fashion week to another level.

Jake, a Los Angeles based photographer, was born in the heart of Washington D.C. horse country. Over the past decade, his images have worked to capture the manifestations of human identity expressed through what they wear. This pursuit has led him to photograph people and places from the war-torn mountains of Lebanon, to the winding streets of Tokyo, and across the US from Boston to Los Angeles.

His passion leads him to collaborate with emerging and unusual artists under the notion that the polarizing effect fashion has is a manifestation of the changing world we live in. Below you will find some of my favorite image by him. The captions are by Jake, which offer the view a perspective of what was happening during that capture.




“When I look at this photo, I see something simple built in color – and that’s in part what I like about it. The mix of color and exposure with sunbeam melting the center of the photo into white and on the periphery an exploration of a scene. The glasses wrapped in a bow, cocktail in hand, and the meandering hues of a blurred background. To me, she is Alice after her return from wonderland – a construction of elegance with eyes still lost in what she has seen.” ~Jake Edmondson


“The Ruins of Heliopolis – it was cold and rainy the day I explored the ruins of the Temple of Jupiter at the historic site of Heliopolis. What struck me first about this picture were the two splashes of color – the red of her hat and yellow of her shirt – followed by the detail that she put into her eye make-up. All around her is the crumbling decay of ornately carved stone opulence and the darkness of her clothes create a sort of vacuum that pulls to these little splashes of color and detail. This was the shot that I wanted – marveling at something just outside of frame, but with suggested historical context.” ~ Jake Edmondson


“This was actually one of the first runway shows I attended after moving to Los Angeles. It was shot at ACE Gallery, and was part of NAMI’s collection. Following runway shows, I spend a lot of time sorting through the images. Jessica stood out to me instantly. I loved the way she caught both the light and shadow in her eyes and projected a soft intensity about her expression. One of the many things I enjoy about NAMI is her ability to pair excellent models with her designs – and haven’t missed her LA shows since!” ~Jake Edmondson

image (1)

“This photo was also shot at ACE Gallery during another designers presentation. The angularness of her bone structure cast such interesting facets of the light. At the time, I was thinking about light as it passes through a prism and accentuates colors. In some senses, models are a similar sort of prism for light.” ~Jake Edmondson

image (2)
“This is actually one of my much older images. I took this back in 2010 in a dimly lit concrete room in the basement of the art building at the University of Colorado – Boulder. To me, it catches a feeling of whimsical falling. The detail of her dress and emotion in her face an island of activity in the simplicity of black and white. This was taken during a much different period in my life. I had just returned from Taiwan and, with my world having fallen away, was running from many things. At the time, I don’t think that was my intention to create this, but can – in hindsight – now see a touch of it in this picture.” ~ Jake Edmondson

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{Best of Street Style of 2012}


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DSC_0205 DSC_0239-1024x680 DSC_0303 DSC_0307-e1352875309692 DSC_0346 DSC_0354-591x1024 DSC_0408-680x1024 DSC_0471a-851x1024 DSC_00521 DSC_02372-e1353718046306-1 IMG_0490-1024x682-1 nydj-1024x813

DSC_0475a-681x1024 K-Green-e1328410533952pink-5

What a great year it was for photos.  I finally came out of my shell and realized it’s not as scary as I thought to set in front of the lens. Plus it’s a great way to share my personal style – seeing is so much different than explaining.  My favorite part of taking street style photos is scouting out cool locations in Los Angeles and using fashion as a art form. From pink walls, to gowns in the forrest, I can say this year was definitely a good year. Which one is your favorite?


Photography by Soul Of Photography and Style Wax Poetic



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