Deep down, I love a good deal when shopping which is why I’m always tempted to buy everything at the end of season. Right now is amazing time to buy coats, jackets and boots because there still a lot of good pieces in and many of them, marked down. And it makes sense to buy quality. I’ve purchased knits and outerwear from a few fast fashion stores, but my better quality pieces last me for years. Invest in good knits, classic statement pieces and scarves that you know you’ll be able to wear for years to come. Today, I’m sharing with you my favorites from Andrew Marc.


Andrew Marc is known for classic style, great leather pieces, coats but with an edgy fashionable style. This season they incorporated one of my favorite trends, fur, into a lot of their pieces. It just so happens most of the pieces with fur ended up being my favorite. First on this list, this amazing scarf that adds so much chicness and drama to any outfit. So chic on these girls below.

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This season, Andrew Marc  just launched their first collection of shoes. I’ve struggled on how to do cabin chic when going to the mountains or anywhere with snow for that matter, and I’ve always wished I had cute cabin wear. Serious struggle! Andrew Marc makes boots that are perfect for that and also walking raound the city on a snowy day. My favorite are the Hudson Booties, They can be worn up or folded down – my favorite  is the tan colored fur.

Boots with Fur, Andrew Marc, Cabin Chic Style, What to wear to a cabin

 You’ll find that Andrew Marc’s coats and jackets have amazing structure. A good coat means nothing if it doesn’t fit well to your body or has a boxy style. I love looking at a brands website but honestly I look at their social media more so when deciding what I really want to wear as it gives me an idea on how it’ll look on and how to style it. Below shop my favorite coats.


Classic New york Style, best winter coats

Tristina Coat – Marked down 46% off

Tan Leather Coat with Fur, Best coats of the season, coats with fur, boots with fur

Tan Leather Jacket with Fur – also on sale!

sexy black faux fur, faux fur scarves

I love how SEXY this fur vest is on this babe. Shop similar HERE.

Did you like this post? Do you want more ideas on how to wear these and similar pieces? Let me know what you think – I would love to create content that you’re looking for.


This post was sponsored by Andrew Marc but all of these opinions are my own. I truly try to only work with sponsored brands that fit my esthetic and I would wear or shop on my own.

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Happy weekend, beauties. Today’s post is a dedicated shopping post, sharing with you a new online luxury boutique you probably haven’t probably heard of before.

When we think online luxury shopping, most of us think, but there is a new major player in the game popping up as one of the most talked about shopping destinations in the UK, Avenue 32.

What makes them amazing is they carry all the major luxury brands we know and love, but are also known to bring in emerging designers. If you’re looking for something beautiful and unique for an important evening, they offer so many pieces that will really wow those around you and ensure you feel really special. I love wearing brands that are less discovered.

One example of this is the adorable, feminine, and playful Australian-based designer Alice McCall (pictured above). Her background is impressive, styling the likes of Beyoncé, Kelis and Blondie. She went off to launch her own line in 2004 and it’s been a success ever since.

Also, don’t forget, there’s one more day to enter to win these beautiful lip crayons. Have great weekend, babes. X



It’s quite interesting to get to know someone behind the lens. A photographer, a good one, sees beauty in some of the most ordinary situations and uses the elements around them to highlight a prospective different than the overall scene. I particularly thought this was true of photographer Jake Edmondson. He’s captured the most beautiful imagery I’ve seen of Los Angeles Fashion week. His photos take LA Fashion week to another level.

Jake, a Los Angeles based photographer, was born in the heart of Washington D.C. horse country. Over the past decade, his images have worked to capture the manifestations of human identity expressed through what they wear. This pursuit has led him to photograph people and places from the war-torn mountains of Lebanon, to the winding streets of Tokyo, and across the US from Boston to Los Angeles.

His passion leads him to collaborate with emerging and unusual artists under the notion that the polarizing effect fashion has is a manifestation of the changing world we live in. Below you will find some of my favorite image by him. The captions are by Jake, which offer the view a perspective of what was happening during that capture.




“When I look at this photo, I see something simple built in color – and that’s in part what I like about it. The mix of color and exposure with sunbeam melting the center of the photo into white and on the periphery an exploration of a scene. The glasses wrapped in a bow, cocktail in hand, and the meandering hues of a blurred background. To me, she is Alice after her return from wonderland – a construction of elegance with eyes still lost in what she has seen.” ~Jake Edmondson


“The Ruins of Heliopolis – it was cold and rainy the day I explored the ruins of the Temple of Jupiter at the historic site of Heliopolis. What struck me first about this picture were the two splashes of color – the red of her hat and yellow of her shirt – followed by the detail that she put into her eye make-up. All around her is the crumbling decay of ornately carved stone opulence and the darkness of her clothes create a sort of vacuum that pulls to these little splashes of color and detail. This was the shot that I wanted – marveling at something just outside of frame, but with suggested historical context.” ~ Jake Edmondson


“This was actually one of the first runway shows I attended after moving to Los Angeles. It was shot at ACE Gallery, and was part of NAMI’s collection. Following runway shows, I spend a lot of time sorting through the images. Jessica stood out to me instantly. I loved the way she caught both the light and shadow in her eyes and projected a soft intensity about her expression. One of the many things I enjoy about NAMI is her ability to pair excellent models with her designs – and haven’t missed her LA shows since!” ~Jake Edmondson

image (1)

“This photo was also shot at ACE Gallery during another designers presentation. The angularness of her bone structure cast such interesting facets of the light. At the time, I was thinking about light as it passes through a prism and accentuates colors. In some senses, models are a similar sort of prism for light.” ~Jake Edmondson

image (2)
“This is actually one of my much older images. I took this back in 2010 in a dimly lit concrete room in the basement of the art building at the University of Colorado – Boulder. To me, it catches a feeling of whimsical falling. The detail of her dress and emotion in her face an island of activity in the simplicity of black and white. This was taken during a much different period in my life. I had just returned from Taiwan and, with my world having fallen away, was running from many things. At the time, I don’t think that was my intention to create this, but can – in hindsight – now see a touch of it in this picture.” ~ Jake Edmondson



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DSC_0205 DSC_0239-1024x680 DSC_0303 DSC_0307-e1352875309692 DSC_0346 DSC_0354-591x1024 DSC_0408-680x1024 DSC_0471a-851x1024 DSC_00521 DSC_02372-e1353718046306-1 IMG_0490-1024x682-1 nydj-1024x813

DSC_0475a-681x1024 K-Green-e1328410533952pink-5

What a great year it was for photos.  I finally came out of my shell and realized it’s not as scary as I thought to set in front of the lens. Plus it’s a great way to share my personal style – seeing is so much different than explaining.  My favorite part of taking street style photos is scouting out cool locations in Los Angeles and using fashion as a art form. From pink walls, to gowns in the forrest, I can say this year was definitely a good year. Which one is your favorite?


Photography by Soul Of Photography and Style Wax Poetic




Wynn Myer’s love of photography began when a friend introduced her to the high school darkroom.  She’s worked for fashion designer, Zac Posen, and attended the International Center of Photography, a place I visited often when I lived in New York City!  Take a look at some of her recent beautiful black and white work and get to know Wynn! Below Wynn takes us through the ‘behind the scenes’ of some of her work.

This image is from a recent shoot with Shari of Charm School Vintage (an amazing store in Austin) styling & Delaney, from Wallflower Management, modeling. It was August in Texas so the heat was pretty brutal – over 100ºF! After driving to the location in an old Volkswagen van with no air conditioning, we hiked down to a swimming hole lugging all the equipment and wardrobe. This photo was taken toward the end of the shoot when things were starting to wind down, and we were all enjoying the cool water.
This was quite a spontaneous shoot, so the moment evolved organically. The subject, Sara, was braiding her hair by the window & wearing one of my vintage dresses. I love how the hard stripes, the horizontal lines, come across in black and white.
Liz went on the porch to have a smoke while were taking a break during a shoot out in the hill country. She was just having this beautiful, contemplative moment. It was one of those things where I just knew there was a picture and Liz did not move. The photo was taken with a hand-me-down camera from my mom, a 35mm Canon Sure Shot. The highlights in the back are completely blown out, but I love the imperfection.
This photo is from one of my first test shoots. We had been walking around a college campus & spotted this old greenhouse. I asked Delaney to stand in front of the structure and for just a second, she turned to look at her reflection in the glass windows. The dress is my own, vintage.
A Little More About Wynn?

She  has four pups, so a lot of her non-photo time is spent snuggling with them!

She shoots with both film & digital- a Contax 645 is her go to tool.

She works for a photo editor & marketing consultant and she is also a Photocommunications student at St.
Edward’s University.

A few favorites photographers of Wynn’s right
now are: Philip-Lorca diCorcia,Nan Goldin, Paul Costello. Although she admits there are so many photographers whose work I admire- the list goes on and on!

She loves being able to have music on a shoot; it can really set the tone for the whole process. One song she
has been loving lately is Herzan / Enta Fen by Soap Kills.

Check out more of her work:

// web
// blog

Today’s feature isn’t your typical feature where I tell you the photographer at hand was recently published in Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar – that would be too predictable. It’s a feature about a ‘not so traditional’ path, similar to my own, of someone who has always had creative juices and is now just recently putting them to use. Those are actually my favorite stories. I love to watch as they are just on the tipping point of their game and about to break through to the next level. The passion, hunger and excitement is there – how it always should be, right?

Austin based Niraj Mehdiratta started with a 5-year stint on Wall Street and realized his drive in life was based more off his passions and creative ambitions than anything else (thank goodness!). Since then, he’s opened Apothecary Cafe & Wine Bar (say hi if you’re ever in Austin) to explore his love for food & wine. He’s also helped produce the initial 2 years of the fashion/style arm of SXSW and has started photographing some of the most reputable events in fashion such as New York Fashion Week, Project & Capsule in Vegas, and many more. He captures raw, real moments, not the glossy poses that are seen throughout the blogosphere. There is an element of toughness in an overly feminine industry.

Mehdiratta shares with SWP, “I’ve been an outsider in pretty much every industry I’ve been a part of. I’d like to think that in life, it’s not about how much you know going into something, but how passionate and driven you are to achieve what you want to. I am forever a daydreamer.”

A still can capture emotion, style, environment and much more – the reason I love photography so much. I wanted to get Mehdiratta’s perspective on what he was seeing at the time of his captures. He takes us through his work below.

Street Style Outside Lincoln Center post Richard Chai show

“This shot obviously shows off the stylish subject, he rocked a Givenchy shirt under a leather-sleeved (well-fitted) blazer with drawstring camo pants and tortoise sunglasses. What I love about the shot is the almost shy & contemplative expression. At the time I shot this, he was walking through the crowd and to some degree, almost oblivious to the attention he was receiving with what he had on.” ~ Mehdiratta

Street Style Outside Lincoln Center post Richard Chai show

“I loved this shot purely for the style of the subject. She was vibrant in a sea of muted outfits of heavy black. The cut of her blazer and gold lining to the bright cobalt blue, top up was perfection. I love the military inspired/themed hat she wore, such a funny juxtaposition to the extremely feminine look she had otherwise. I particularly loved this shot for catching her texting on her phone, it gave a chance to show off the bright pop of her nails and gold ring. She literally had every detail of this looked planned out to perfection. Sometimes you just sit back and admire how well-orchestrated someone’s look is.” ~ Mehdiratta

Backstage at Duckie Brown

“In a sea of beautiful models, both female and male, this guy stood out to me the most. Almost in a sense that he was out of place. Tattooed up to the fullest, I loved that any designer who chose to use this model, was embracing his individuality, how he expressed himself through his ink and how that reflected on their outfits on him. This particular moment he was standing in a pose for the house photographer. I caught him from the side, a bit more candid, against the clean white wall behind him.” ~Mehdiratta

Backstage at Billy Reid

“I love this shot for the simple fact of how it speaks to the camaraderie of the models. You notice that the same models are used for a multitude of shows throughout the week, in large part, groups of the same models. You seem them hanging out backstage, smoking together, spending their downtime cracking on each other, etc. This particular moment was in their “first looks” after hair & makeup before they took the runway. There’s definitely this sense of brotherhood here, they look like they’re enjoying each other’s company and ready to rock what was the last (and one of the biggest) shows of the day.”

Backstage at Tommy Hilfiger

I think this shot captures the essence of the frenzy that is backstage. All at the same time, in a confined space, there is hair & makeup going on, designers/assistants combing through first looks & prepping for that, interviews being conducted, celebrities and invited guests catching a glimpse of the action, it’s a a frenetic and energetic time to document. I think this shot captures that well, in a sea of people, this model has his make-up touched up right before he’s about to get into his first look.

Check out more of Mehdiratta’s work at

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Colorful photography can tell a story while Black & White photography appeals with its more subdued monochromatic character. Lighting, contrast and composition become much more important and those are what speak since there is no color. I personally love black and white photography for it’s simplicity, which in many case, is why fashion designers go back to trends such as a monochrome look, all white, or all black. These photographer happen to all be Los Angeles based.

Photo credits via Ben Travato. #1 Aaron Feavor #2 Dustin Damron #Aaron Feaver #Aaron Feavor


Are you ready for Coachella?  ThreadSence has ALL you need for this weekend’s music festival or that summer vacation up the the coast of California. Ahhh, that does sound nice.

ThreadScene’s Souls of Mischief’s Spring/Summer collection is complete with flowy dresses, floral shorts, fringe, ankle boots, western inspired earrings, and much, much more. View more images from their collection below and bring these looks to life by shopping We’re all getting excited for Summer! x


One of my favorite things about being a fashion blogger, is having the opportunity to use photography as a medium creativity.  Los Angeles has everything you could want for a cool backdrop from hotels, to graffiti walls, to the mountains, or sea.  It’s amazing how many fun places there are to shoot in Los Angeles.

While I was on my way to an event to view Wren’s SS12 collection, in collaboration by a short film with Gia Coppola (post to come soon on Style Section LA), I stumbled upon this amazing pink wall.  I’d tell you where it is, but I’d have to steal your camera.

If nothing else, I hope this post inspires you get creative.  I love how photography can instantly turn into art, while style being a medium to create.

xxx, love always, Style Wax Poetic



Total girl crush on the adorable Poppy Delevigne. I love the styling here, pulled from Natalie Joos’ Tales of Endearnment. Poppy Delevigne, 25, and her sister Cara, are regular fixtures on the fashion circuit, both stunningly gorgeous and have chic style. Poppy has notched up campaigns for Anya Hindmarch, Mango and Burberry and is making he mark in the industry, and I am sure you can see why. She has eclectic taste and Natalie Joos writes she recently cast her in a short film by Fancesco Carrozzini for Imagine Fashion with Elisa Sednaoui, Paz de la Huerta and Zoe le Ber, stating “She was stunning.”

Read more HERE.


Through a project for work, I came across some photos by the iconic photographer Richard Avedon.  Already being a huge fan, something struck me even more yesterday.  After critiquing many photographers work, past and present, there is something substantially different about Avedon’s photos that impressed me even more. Each one, standing alone outside of it’s collection, has a way to knock you off your seat. They are dramatic, poetic, simple and dignified, which is why he remains to be remembered as one of the best.

Richard Avedon (May 15, 1923 – October 1, 2004) was an Americn Photographer.  The New York Times said after his death that, “his fashion and portrait photographs helped define America’s image of style, beauty and culture for the last half-century.” (wikipedia)


Based out of Southern California working mostly in San Diego and Los Angeles, Kate Daigneault is looking to make a name for her self with her story titled Royal Savage. Featuring Morgan from Scout Model and Talent, taking the role of a young woman sort left alone in this vast, lonely place. Morgan had hair and make up done by Brooke Hill, and was styled by Kate herself with fashion from American Apparel, GAP, Jeffrey Campbell and others.

Kate says this about the story: “- This story, called Royal Savage, was actually inspired by the crowns which I made out of found objects. Its about this young woman sort of left alone in this vast, lonely place. She takes this as an opportunity to become the ruler of this world. I decided to keep the styling pretty simple and use mostly gold and jewel tones to help this out. Morgan was a great model because she is just starting university and in a way starting a similar journey.”

(via Ben Travato Blog)


“I just turn the page,” Teller says of those very glossy fashion shots. “It doesn’t really interest me very much. My work has nothing to do with that. I just really like women, and I like men, and I like children, and I like eating, and I like doing everything. It’s something real. I’m for the individual human being, not some plastic figure some gay guy thought out. That’s valid for something, but it’s not my cup of tea.” (NY MAG)

Teller explains to NY MAG, why to the shiny ‘perfect’ highly retouched images just don’t do it for him. Teller, a heterosexual man, finds “realness” in the photos, as to him are more attractive and real – more rawness, a man’s touch to fashion. It comes through in final product and it’s appreciated.

Known for shooting campaings with Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, Emilio Pucci, Kate Moss, and many more he’s made his mark in the industry. Currently exhibiting in Texas and gradually making his way to the U.S. Check out a few of his images below..

Emilio Pucci Campaign

Marc Jacobs Book -- Via Selectisim