5 Tips for Getting Motivated to Workout

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I’ve, thankfully, always been a healthy person but with fitness, naturally, there’s been times of ups and downs. It’s officially Spring and with Coachella approaching (and summer!), I’ve been more and more motivated to get healthy and fit. Since my car has been in the shop, I haven’t been to the gym in a couple weeks and I’m incredibly excited to get my routine back!

Let’s be honest, getting fit can partially be motivated by our own vainness, however, whatever the motivation, once you’re in motion, it’s truly all encompassing. It’s about feeling our best so we can give our best. It’s about meeting our own personal goals, whatever those may be. It’s about knowing that we can truly accomplish anything we set our minds to. It’s truly the best feeling.

Some of us dislike working out at all and that’s OK. It’s about pushing ourselves to the limit we feel is comfortable. I’m here for you!

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Regardless if you love or dislike working out, we all have those days we need a little more motivation, so I’m sharing what I’ve been doing in my own personal life to jumpstart my workout routine and stay motivated to become the best version of myself.



Clearly, I’m a fashion blogger, so of course, we’re going to need some cute workout clothes! Luckily, there are so many amazing brands – high and low – that are producing really amazing workout gear.

The goal is to get workout clothes that look so cute you can wear them on errands or throughout your day even before you go workout.

You may already know, when it comes to workout clothes, I love a good matching top and bottom. This new black marble set 2xist is adorable and just my style! I also receive new shoes from Nauturalizer, which I’ve been loving. They are extremely comfortable and I love the slip on action, which makes them convinient for a quick walk around the neighborhood with your pup. I wore them for a the first time at the gym, too, and they were incredibly supportive. They will be my go-to gym shoe, hands down.

Motivated to Workout, Workout Motivation, Kristen Conahan, Cute workout clothes


You may find this annoying, but I always loved to workout. I’ve played soccer my whole life and endurance workouts just came easy to me. My dad taught me at a very young age how to train my mind to workout hard and push myself; that I was in control of my mind and body. That set the foundation for the rest of my life to workout and enjoy the pain (or push the limits), versus what many feel, a despise for it.

I believe that it’s possible for anyone to accomplish this attitude, it’s about finding what’s right for you.

In the past I’d workout and do what felt right, but I realized that I have specific goals I want to achieve that I am not capable of achieving without an expert, which is why I’m looking for inspiration to those who have shaped their body and shared their transformation.

I’ve been following a variety of Instagram accounts to get a bigger butt but I’m purchasing a guide from Briana Chandler (http://brianachandler.com) to help me get in focus. Even though we think we may be good at something, it’s OK to make sure we have a little help now and again.


Whether it’s on social media, talking to your friends and family, or simply just writing it down, I am a big believer in putting what you want out into the universe.

One, it somewhat holds you accountable. If you share with a friend your goals, they may ask you next time how it’s going. But more so, I believe it’s letting the universe and yourself know, you’re READY for it.

Cute Workout Clothes, Workout Motivation, 5 tips to workout, Kristen Conahan, Cute workout outfit


One thing I’ve learned when it comes to working out, you have to find something you enjoy or else you’ll never stick with it! If you don’t like running and have tried it various times, don’t make yourself do it. There are so many other ways to get a workout in – hiking, stairs, dancing.

Also, don’t push yourself to the point where you never want to do it again. T

This part is two-fold: I do you need to push yourself (slightly more than the time before and train your mind to be ok with that), but you have to be realistic with yourself. I find that a lot of people give up because it’s just way too hard, but with any consistency it gets better, just don’t go all in at once. Use https://joyonproducts.com/ fitness products to feel comfortable working out at home.


Nothing motivates me more than good music! Find something that makes you happy or makes you want to get lost and move to the beat. I love a mixture of hiphop and dance music for working out.

Anything I’m missing any tips for getting motivated to workout? Share yours in the comments! I went to the gym twice this week and I hope to continue making it happen. Who’s with me?


Thanks to Naturalizer for sending out a pair of shoes for me to try.


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  1. Natali
    March 31, 2018 / 7:37 pm

    Good/ new workout gear and a uplifting music playlist are def. making me motivated to workout. :)
    You are looking fantastic and so fit!


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