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One of the things I love about being a blogger is learning about amazing companies and having the chance to work with them.  If you’ve ever had an idea in your mind of what type of shoe or boot you want but it seems impossible to find exactly what you want, Shoes of Prey may your next best friend. They are a new company that allows you to custom design your shoes to make sure they are perfect just for you. I’m excited to share my own amazing custom designed shoes.

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Back when they reached out, I was having a white boot moment. I was obsessed…kind like the way I’m also now obsessed with red boots. I knew without question I needed a good pair of quality white boots for the season.

When you log on to ShoesOfPrey.con, you’ll see multiple options for what you want. Once you get an idea of the type of shoe you want to custom design – sneakers, boots, heels – you’ll see a template like this. Here’s where you can shoes your heel height, materials, and more…

Custom designed Shoes, Shoes of Prey, White boots, Custom designed boots

I chose a white boot with a chunky heel so I could be comfortable wearing these during the day. I can always find clothes to feel chic in at night, however, I struggle with how to pull off chic during the day without wearing high heels. I’ve been looking for that in between shoe. Back then they didn’t have a pointy boot, which I would have ordered, but now they do! All of their shoe options are so chic I’m dying over these chic sneakers, their new red booties, and these tan lace up boots which look super chic and comfy.

custom designed shoes, custom designed sneakers, custom designed boots

They also offer you the option to change the color of the inside of the boot and the color of your heel – I chose a darker heel and soft pink for the inside for my custom designed shoes. Lastly, one of the things I LOVED was that you can add a saying to be scripted inside your shoe. On my custom designed shoes, I added, “You are beautiful” as this past year I was focusing on self-love. If you’re interested in shopping, you can use STYLEWAXPOETIC for a free custom inscription worth $49 USD.

Lastly, they came up in conversation and my friend loves them because she has a really tiny foot! They make shoes in very small sizes and large sizes, which I found really cool.  I’m all about inclusion – shoes, sizes, races, colors – brands have to be responsible these days and it’s something I’m not afraid to speak about.

As a disclosure, this post was not sponsored but they did allow me to custom design my own shoes as a trade to share them and my experience with you. Visit more at


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