Dang Good Mom Jeans + 10 Facts About Me


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There’s nothing better than a good pair of jeans and these mom jeans definitely fit the part.

zara mom jeans, mom jeans, affordable mom jeans, light color mom jeans, light colored denim

While I know everyone loves a good style post, I share a lot of that on Instagram, so I wanted to take a moment today to do a quick facts about me post.

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Kristen is my first name..

I realized the other day, a lot of you may not know my name – how impersonal. My first name is Kristen but when people get to know me and feel close, they call me Kris. Today, I couldn’t imagine having any other name, it’s me, but when I was younger I wanted a cooler, more unique name, like Krystal or Crystalline. I’ve learned over the years that my personality is one that feels more comfortable NOT being the same as everyone else. Can you relate?  We all know a million Kristen’s.

I live in LA and I love it..

but I used to live in New York. That was such an important time for me because you can be anyone you want in New York. San Diego, where I grew up, attracts a certain type of person and it made me feel constricted in life to be around people who were all one way. In New York, your uniqueness, creativity and realness are celebrated; anything goes! You will find just about every type of person in New York, which I loved, and truly helped me grow as a person.

I am Sagittarius and love astrology. 

It’s crazy but I’ve literally called people out for their sign, more than once, without barely knowing them! I love knowing people’s sign because I feel I can understand their energies, personalities and reactions more. I know what you may be thinking, some of it’s not always accurate and there’s so much that goes into someones chart (let alone life experiences and personality), but it’s been interesting to honestly call someone out and be right! It happened the other night when I guessed my friend’s exes sign – so strange. But mostly I can just identify Leo men – if you know, you know! I think I may do an entire post about this…that’s just how much I love it.

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My style is always changing and I’ve been working hard on dressing the way I truly want, not what is expected of me.

To me, style is a walking art form and I was so inspired walking the streets of Soho, New York. The colors, fabrics, styles were endlessly inspiring. In Los Angeles, I feel like a lot of the fashion bloggers dress the same. I used to fall into that trap. Today, I’ve been dressing more “me,” you could say, and I’m not as terrified to take risks. Thigh high boots – why not? Sunglasses that look like bike racers…YEAAAASSSS. Neon outfits? YES PLEASE. I put up a post on Instagram asking if you thought I could pull something off and  you were all so kind to support me! I want to take risks and inspire you to dress the way you want to as well and celebrate it. I can say once I started dressing more fun and taking risks with color and styles, people started to notice. Maybe because I felt confident and felt like myself.

Mom jeans, zara jeans, light colored denim, best mom jeans, Kristen Conahan

I don’t believe you need to be super rich to be fashionable 

In fact, the opposite. Style comes from within and I believe you can look nice, or just as nice, in affordable fashion than designer. I actually don’t wear a lot of designer! It’s something I’d like to invest in at some point but I’ve built my fashion career on a budget and pulling things together with what I have. This outfit alone featuring these super cute mom jeans is less than $200 (outside of the Celine Glasses) but with other glasses this outfit would be just as cute!

Kristen Conahan

I can be shy but lately I’m embracing my goofy side more and trying to share that with you all.

In all honesty, I’m really quite silly. I am super sarcastic and just kinda goofy when you get to know me. I’ll probably try to make jokes to make you laugh and if you can make me laugh, all the better!  I loveeee guys that are funny (not like comedian funny, but like everyday funny). I can be serious, spiritual and calm but really I just want to laugh through life and enjoy it.

mom jeans, zara jeans, Kristen Conahan

Ok, I really want to share more with you guys soon but I’ll leave it there for now. And for the goods, I know a lot of you all have been asking about these jeans and heels, so I’m linking everything below. Thanks for reading babes! X


Classic High-Rise Mom Jeans

Cream Sleeveless Buckle Croptop

Nude Clear Strap Heels



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