How To Wear Biker Shorts

There’s nothing better to me than a cool, casual outfit. I love the vibe…and I love everything about looking like I feel on the inside, on the outside. (Yes, I just called myself cool and casual on the inside…lol)

Lately I’ve been focused on finding my style again and the latest trend that every cool girl is rocking: biker shorts. Do you own a pair yet?

Some things I love: they’re so comfortable, they basically feel like you’re wearing nothing and they’re sexy, in my opinion, yet you’re covered, so it doesn’t look trashy sexy.

Bikker shorts are skinnnn tight, it’s nice to have something a little looser on top.  The entire look is casual for errands or brunch and can be dressed up with a nice bag, accessories and smoothed out hair. I talk about this a lot because I feel to really pull a look together, you need the fine details: nails, accessories, nice purse, etc. It makes a huge difference for me.

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White chunky sneakers are another stable for your wardrobe. My favorites are these from Public Desire – they’re the knock off Balenciagas and they are great quality. LOVEEE them.

Everyone can throw on a dress and heels, but what really impresses me these days when it comes to style are those who are dressing a little outside of the box: looking chic while wearing sneakers, dressing down but feeling slammed up, looking effortlessly cool but you know you spent time on your look.

What do you think about the biker shorts trend? Drop me a line below and let me know. X



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