Learning to Live Boldly + Fearlessly

Yellow wide leg pants, live boldly, dressing with confidence

Lately I’ve been inspired. I’ve been inspired by my friends, I’ve been inspired by strangers and I’ve seen so many people live fearlessly, moving through life with a bold attitude, doing so many amazing things without a second guess.

I haven’t always been that person, at least outwardly on the Internet. I’ve gone the direction I “think” I’m supposed to go, putting out work that people “think” I should be. Lately, I’ve realized that so much of how we dress, the risks we take, the person we put forward on the Internet, all has to do with our self-confidence.

Mustard wide leg pants, live boldly, dressing with confidence, Kristen Conahan, LA Fashion Blogger, Top Fashion Blogger, LA Streetstyle

As an influencer, especially a fashion influencer, we are sometimes conditioned fall down a certain pathway. Everyone starts to blend in and going outside the norm can be a little scary. For me to really connect with you, inspire you and also for me to stay inspired, staying true to myself and dressing with confidence is VITAL.

A couple years ago, a top goal of mine (or dream you could say) would be to be featured on WhoWhatWear. Then, I realized, I’m not that girl nor will I ever be and that’s OK. They feature girls with flawless hair all the time (definitely not me), girls that wear a ton of designer handbags (I own maybe 2) and usually ones who are dressed from head to toe everyday…which to me, isn’t realistic for mine or your lifestyle. They all fall in a certain “look” that I’ve been trapped into believing is the right way to go when really that’s not me at all.

Sometimes I want to wear two-piece tracksuits, sneakers and jeans, or baseball caps, sometimes I’m a little edgy or I’m attracted to slammed up slaying looks.

I’m inspired by girls who take on a new path like Desi Perkins, who I don’t see fitting in the WhoWhatWear girl and I love her for that. Girls that wear dope sneakers and dress as an individualist like Kristen Noel Crawley. I’m inspired by girls who slay everyday with their own individual style. I’ve been learning how to be a my own take on the fashion influencer I want to be, without falling in the trap of what the “LA fashion influencer” is supposed to look like.

One of my favorite influencers said something that spoke with me when offering advice to her followers. She said, “Wear whatever you want.”

I’m challenging myself, and you too, to be more bold in your fashion choices. Wear what makes you happy and helps you feel amazing, not what people think you should wear.


Top – Forever 21 Ribbed Crisscross-Front Crop Top
Pants – Shop Flying Tomato
Shoes – designed by me through Shoes of Prey

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  1. Natali
    December 17, 2017 / 11:44 am

    Beautifully written post and so well said… Being true to yourself will never go out of “fashion” and
    your success will always be for the long run/ much more rewarding one than over the night and
    “copy-paste” one.


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