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If you’re in the “smaller breast” club like me, or you just want a better shape and lift to your two friends, I’m excited to share with you the best pushup bras I’ve experienced: Upbra.

I’m a smaller person by nature, and have always been thin, which sadly means my boobs will be a little smaller, too. I’ve actually always been fine with my size, never wanting a boob job or anything and just happy to work with what I have, BUT, I have wanted a better shape, which is where Upbra comes in.

A good bra will help shape your boobs, lift and provide a cleavage.

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For reference, I’m size 32 B. Not the smallest, but definitely not the biggest. And another note, I’ve been wearing Upbra for a year now and it’s been my favorite bra everrr. When I first put it on, I was amazed at the difference between this bra and other bras. I actually didn’t know the name of it until I checked and realized I was in touch with them in email about a collaboration. Love it when the stars align (thank you God).

The first bra I’m featuring from Upbra Perfect T-shirt Bra. It features:

  • Active Lift Technology Inside – which makes it one of the best pushup bras
  • Smooth Tan Color so that you can wear it under a white t-shirt
  • Padding to help shape your boobs

I love this bra because while I wear strapless bras a lot, it’s nice to have the option for a bra that has a strap attached, which does feel a little more secure.

Option two: Upbra’s Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Bra

I also have this style bra in black, but thought that red is fun and sexy – let’s switch it up a bit.

This bra features:

  • Active Lift Technology Inside: which makes it one of the best pushup bras
  • Strapless Style Bra
  • Solid Color – comes with straps too

To be honest, I wear the strapless style the most. So many tops these days have thin straps, halter cuts, or are strapless –  you know the drill. It makes my life so much easier to have a good strapless bra around for all my looks. Also, it’s already snug fitting which helps it stay up (I wear a 32), but with time it will naturally stretch a tad. \It has three different hook options in the back which makes it great for the size to be slightly adjustable.

They’re a little pricier but in all honesty, their worth it to me. Once you the lift it creates, I think you’ll be sold too.

Shop and learn more at:

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Upbra. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands and work that make my blog possible!  


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