Plaid blazer for fall

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I’m not really a blazer type girl. I don’t have to dress up for work much and I’ve always associated blazers for stuffy work environments, that is until I realized I’ve been purchasing them all wrong! Blazers aren’t really that cool unless you’re buying them a little on the longer side, like this plaid blazer for fall.

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I love this plaid blazer for fall and think it’s decent quality and fit. If I’m not too sure how often I’ll wear something, I’ll all about cute trend pieces that are affordable. Like last year, I love this army green blazer, but I don’t wear it much so I purchased an affordable option. I’ve talked about this too – I don’t think looking or feeling fashionable is about spending a ton of money on clothing items unless you really know you’re going to have it and wear it for years. I want all my readers, no matter their budget, to feel like they can feel good about themselves and what they’re wearing.

Plaid continues to be really strong for fall and winter – are you still loving it? Last time I wore plaid was this jumper and I really still love this look, although I think I’m all set now with the plaid pieces in my closet, LOL.

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So now, let’s talk about this jagged-edge skirt from I mentioned them in my last post about how much I’m loving their pieces – see here their jumpsuit and here this cute top! This skirt is a fun one because it’s a little sexy with the mini side, but the longer side doesn’t make it seem like it’s too short. It’s really comfy and has a little stretch – plus, it’s just a little different, which I like.

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Would you rock this? Let me know in the comments babes! Xx


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