Girls Guide to Waikiki

Traveling with your girls can be amazing but it’s a little different than a family trip or romantic trip. I’m sharing our favorites in m Girls Guide to Waikiki below.

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A month ago, I received a text from my friend Tammy that said..”I organized Hawaii! Can you make it? At the time, it was only TWO WEEKS away … but you know what? Sometimes you just gotta make it happen.

She’s been coming to Waikiki with her family for years and knew ALL the spots which really helped me zero in on some of my favorites for you too. I’m excited to share my Girls Guide to Waikiki with you.


If you’re traveling to Waikiki, location will MAKE or BREAK your trip, in my opinion.

The Shoreline Hotel

One of the reasons I LOVED this trip so much is because of our hotel’s location. We stayed at The Shoreline Hotel, which is a boutique hotel with some cool NEON vibes – how on trend. It’s not going to be your luxury type feel, but it gets the job done. We honestly weren’t in our rooms much at all.

Within blocks, you get the best hotels to chill at (I love visiting hotels, guys), restaurants, shopping, and coffee within a few blocks. The beach is a five minute walk and Sephora is literally around the corner if you forget something or need to pop in to put some oil in your hair. I ended up purchasing self-tanner and eyelashes, which saved me. Lastly, all your luxury shopping needs are within a few blocks. Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga…HEAVEN

When I go on vacation, I want to STOP and this location allowed us to do that. Everything was simple because so many amazing places were just blocks away.


We spent 5 days on the Island of Oahu, which was a perfect amount. We spent three of those day chilling in Waikiki and two days exploring different parts of the Island.

In Waikiki our schedule consisted of this……COFFEE (literally tried everywhere for the best coffee -some places offer Macadamian Nut – YUMM), breakfast, relaxed by the pool or the beach for a few hours, dinner, took pics, eat, and REPEAT. Vacations to me should be relaxing and not stressful and these three days were perfect for that. It’s all within a couple blocks so it helped so much.



Honolulu Coffee

Honolulu Coffee is located in one of my favorite hotels, the Moana Surfrider – a BEAUTIFUL hotel just blocks away from where we were staying. Hawaii is supposed to be known for their coffee but honestly, they must not like it too strong maybe becuase they’re on island vibes all the time.

TIP: you like strong coffee, ask for light ice because it’ll be weak otherwise.

However, this is one of the only places that offers Macadamian Nut milk which made the coffee SOOO good. I can’t believe they don’t that in LA yet. Hmmm.

Island Vintage Coffee

Island Vintage Coffee felt like the Starbucks of Hawaii to me. They don’t offer Macadamian Nut milk, but, it’s a decent cup of coffee if you’re a real coffee drinker.

TIP: we found this out later but apparently it has some of the best breakfast!

Sunrise Shack

Sunrise Shack offers organic bullet coffee, smoothie bowls, and tons of yummy food options that will make you happy.  They have the most beautiful concoctions, perfect for Instastories. I tried Bullet Coffee for the first time! My first impression…. it takes some getting used to. I didn’t love the classic with butter – too salty – but I was recommended that I try a different version – a coconut coffee, which has the MCT oil and coconut creamer. That one was the real winner – YUM.


Hulu Girl

Hulu Girl, Waikiki Favorites, Girls Guide to Waikiki
View from breakfast at Hulu Girl

Hulu Girl was hands down, my favorite place for breakfast. It’s cozy and casual but it has a homey vibe. The best part? It’s overlooking the ocean, which was a total vibe. But it’s not just one of those pretty places but terrible food. I really LOVED my food and could have eaten their omelets every morning! They char grill the veggies and meats, so it had so much flavor.



This is my favorite because it’s right on the beach! It’s super casual and relatively priced. I was obsessed with their salads with fresh fish – mainly because the fish is so well prepared and literally just caught. It was the type of meal you felt healthy after but still satisfied. It’s actually directly below Hulu Girl, so you get that same on the ocean casual vibe. It attracts a younger crowd, too.


Halekulani is a very special hotel on the island. It’s quiet, elegant and feels like the perfect place to get married. We had a nice long dinner there with their publicist, Bonnie, who treated us to an amazing meal at their Orchids resturant. The best part? It’s located on the ocean so you can literally see the sky change colors during dinner – HOW SPECIAL.

If entire dinner here isn’t your thing, you can pop in for wine and they’re always offering specials and new offerings, which you can find details here.


We had dinner at The Top of Waikiki, Hawaii’s only revolving restaurant. The view was beautiful and the food was really good as well, but don’t expect a popping scene. It’s more families or romantic dates, if you know what I mean. The view was really cool though and it was crazy to see the views change as you eat dinner!


We didn’t go out, but there’s one club on the island and it’s the only place I saw a ton of young people in one place. It’s directly below Top of Waikiki and there was legit a line when we were leaving dinner. The other place I recommend for a younger crowd is RumFire.


Within a few blocks are some of the best hotels. Here are some you need to check out for a coffee, lunch or even just to explore and take pictures. There’s only one hotel that you have to take an Uber ride to (The Modern), but it’s highly recommended.



This will be your hotel of pink DREAMS. They have the most beautiful property to explore – you will not be disappointed.


Such a beautiful hotel! It’s all white and in the center of the hotel by the pool is the largest tree I’ve ever seen! OK maybe exaggerating a tad but it’s a cool effect. They have a super cute area by the pool to relax and enjoy a coffee or a cocktail. It’s absolutely stunning.

It was one of the best trips I’ve been on in a while and I’m seriously so excited to go back. Up next, I’m planning a trip to Miami. I’m sensing a theme here – bikinis and palm trees. :)

For all the outfit tags, follow me on Instagram. Let me know if you think I missed any of your favorites in my Girls Guide to Waikiki and stay tuned for PART TWO of my Girls Guide to Hawaii. The second part is of the north part of the island. Talk soon babes! Xx


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