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Hey, lovely readers! If you follow along often, you may know that I don’t regularly post DIYs, but you all seemed to love my DIY Gold Leaf Wine Glasses so much from last year, I figured you’d appreciate reading about another DIY that I’ve been up to – DIY Floral Garlands.
DIY Foral Table Runner, DIY Floral Garland, DIY FLorals

I recently have been helping a few clients with their event conception and realized florals were another piece I could do on my own, instead of hiring a 3rd party. I’ve always LOVED working with florals, but I don’t have any formal training. It wasn’t until I went to a friend’s 30th birthday, that I realized I had the capacity to do the dinner florals on my own. I was inspired by her amazing and talented boyfriend, he designed the floral garland that day for her and all her friends.DIY FLORAL GARLAND. FIY Floral tablerunner,

So before my event, I set out to do a practice DIY Floral Garland round at home which I’m excited to share with you.

HOW to Floral Garland, DIY Floral Garland, DIY Wedding Florals, Wedding flowers


  • Floral Wire or tape – I grabbed both so I had options.

  • Sizers or floral sizers

  • Water Tubes for the flowers if you’ll be setting up way in advance


DIY Table Runner, DIY FLoral Runner, DIY Florals


The florals and greenery can be a mix of anything you want, which is what I think is so fun about making garlands. Each one can be different; it’s up to you what you want to create.

I originally saw the picture to the left on Pinterest and loved the contrast of greens and the bright florals. They used eucalyptus for their greens and created a thick garland that hung off the side of their table, my favorite part.

After searching Pinterest, I decided my table garland would be a darker greenery with a variety of pops of color for the florals. The last details would be gold tall candles.

For the practice round that I’m sharing with you today, I went with a simple white flower -still very chic – and greens to keep it more cost effective. I used this trial round as test to find out which greenery I enjoyed working with, so I purchased a few different types of greens. I’m sorry I don’t know the names but most florists can help identify anything you like with a photo.

Depending on where you live, this may be a little more expensive based on what resources you have around you. We’re lucky in Los Angeles to have the DTLA flower mart that offers a variety of flowers at cost, even without a license.  Because I was ordering a hundred dollars worth of florals, I made sure to stop in the day before so they could order extra of what I needed. A simple process for them it seemed.

FIRST STEP  – Connect the branches to for the center of the garland. Use floral tape to blend with the leaves.

DIY Garland, DIY Table Runner, how to make a floral garland

Second Step  – Keep adding more branches to fill out your garland to your liking. Keep in mind, you want it to have equal thickness throughout the entire garland.

How to make a garland, DIY floral garland, how to wedding florals

Third Step – continuing building out length and width, covering the branches and aiming for reciprocity on both sides.

DIY Floral Garland, how to florals, DIY Wedding flowers

DIY Floral garland, how to wedding flowers, how to floral garland

Add more flowers to your liking, using the flower water tubes to keep them long lasting.

DIY Floral Garland, DIY Garland, DIY Table Garland, DIY DInner Garland

The final look at the 20 person dinner looked like this incorporating more bright florals and adding brushed gold candle holders which I found on sale here.

DIY Foral Table Runner, DIY Floral Garland, DIY FLorals

Some things to keep in mind on your first trail that I learned after the fact.

  • Make sure your florals are positioned facing up so every picture that is taken the florals are shining bright and not facing down. This can be structured and positioned with floral wire.
  • Make sure to hide all of the floral wire so nothing is showing during the dinner. Cover the wired areas with flowers.
  • I used WAY too much green this time around and the garland was very wide. Think about your greens to floral proportions.
  • If your garland is made earlier in the day, keep a spray bottle on-hand to wet the greens and keep them from drying out.
  • Add the florals as early as the dinner as possible, in the case you don’t use water tubes.

Have SO much fun putting together your DIY Floral Garland and please don’t forget to email, tag or share with me any florals you put together. Let me know any questions or comments below.


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