5 Reasons I love the iPhone 6 Plus + is the iPhone 7 worth it?

I’m sure you’ve heard, the release of the iPhone 7 is coming very soon. Considering an upgrade? Me too. But first I wanted to share why I’m obsessed with the iPhone 6 Plus. Here’s my iPhone 6 Plus review and what’s new for the new iPhone 7 Plus.

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I’ve been living the “iPhone 5 life” for quite sometime (YIKES!). Thankfully, Verizon offered to let me try out the iPhone 6 and let me just tell you…

I’ll never go back.

5 Things I love about the iPhone 6 Plus

  1. First things first, let’s start with the camera. All I can think of since using the iPhone 6 is, WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Taking pictures with an iPhone has never been easier and my decision on what phone is best is CRYSTAL CLEAR. I’ll simply never be able to post or use the iPhone 5 again. That’s for rookies! If photos are important  you, I think you’ll be really pleased with your upgrade.  If you want the best of the best though, apparently the iPhone 7 is supposed to be the best camera EVER for a smart phone.
  2. The size is AMAZING – at first I saw my friends thinking that the size of the iPhone  6 plus was nuts and that I didn’t want to hold something so big. Well, I was wrong. The size fits perfectly into my hand and feels amazing, like I have a good grip on it. The part I really love about the iPhone 6 Plus is that when I dig for it in my purse, it’s easy to find! Apparently the size of the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 7 plus are going to be similar, so no really big differences there.
  3. Easy to type on – everyone seemed to complain about how hard it was to type on the iPhone, but now, with the size of the plus versions, it’s easier than ever. Seriously, game  changer. Highly recommended.
  4. Visibility + Interface Improvement – I guess it goes without saying, but with a bigger screen the visibility is just much easier. I really enjoy my apps more and feel like I have more room to work with.
  5. Speed + Processing – it’s rare that I’ve had any issues with speed, timeline out, loading, etc. It’s been so nice to have a device that I can count on and rely on, especially as a fashion blogger!

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iPhone case provided by Totallee– it’s a clear case that looks amazing with a Rose Gold iPhone.

What’s new for the new iPhone 7 Plus?

  • Apparently the it’s waterproof which means you can take it in the pool and swim with it – hello underwater photos.
  • AirPods instead of connected ear phones.
  • A camera that challenges the a DSLR with dual cameras and depth of field – never really heard of for smart phones.
  • Longer battery life, apparently
  • New colors, which doesn’t really impress me since I will always have a cover on it always (Queen of dropping my phone!)

Thoughts on my iPhone 6 Plus review and what’s new for the new iPhone 7 Plus? What phone will you be getting next?

Thanks to Verizon for sending me out a phone to test for a few months. This is not a sponsored post but I was provided a phone for temporary use.


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  1. September 13, 2016 / 2:28 am

    I love my iPhone 6 too and I am not upgrading anytime soon! The new features of 7 are really cool but I prefer to upgrade on my laptop instead ;)
    Thanks or sharing and have a great day!

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