How To Take Care of Yourself Post Election


With the recent state of the country after the election, it wouldn’t feel right to not mention what’s happening in the world. In my entire adult lifetime, I have never experienced a time in our country like this – a country so divided, so much anger, emotion and unforutnaltey, hatred. America is going through some very big growing pains.

I’m an internal optimist and believe that sometimes problems need to be exposed before they can be fixed – in other words brought to the surface. Being a white American, I’ve grown up with privilege and I’m not afraid to admit it. I think now, more than ever, it’s important white Americans stand in solidarity with the marginalized groups that haven’t grown up with the same privilege. Sending love to all my African American, Muslims, LGBT, Mexican and any other marginalized groups that need it right now. I am praying for you and I am looking for ways to be constructive and help.

Sometimes we all need a little break from it all, to gather ourselves, recharge and then get up and face the world again.

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I wanted to share how to take care of yourself post election and put some good vibes out into the world – God knows we need it.

Listen To Music

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Music has always been my escape.  Music is inspirational, it can bring out emotions and I believe it can completely change our moods. Music is one of the most important creative elements in my life.

Here is a playlist I created for the post-election blues.

When really looking to block out the noise, I recommend these amazing unisex Moshi Headphones. They are incredibly comfortable and have been engineered with design in mind. The leather is so soft which makes them wearable for hours. They truly are some of the best headphones I own.


I’ve actually been mediating since I was a little kid so mediation is nothing new to me, but I can definitely say I’m a better, more balanced and centered person when I meditate that’s ready to face anything that this life brings to me. It’s challenging to stop and sit, for mins or hours, but once you do it you start to crave it . I do it for spiritual reasons but there are many non-spiritual mediations out there for you if that’s not your thing. Either way, I highly recommend it.

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Nothing is better than releasing some endorphins for happiness and get you out of the blues! We can’t change what’s happening in our country today but we can change our environment, and that starts with us.

Schedule Friend Dates or Get out to Women’s Groups

Women are strong, powerful, loving and inspirational. When you’re feeling down, reach out. There are so many people out there that can lift us up, even with a simple conversation to let us know they are there.

Eat Healthy and Recharge Your Body and Mind with Good Foods

Food is energy and I believe the more positive energy that we put into the environment right now, the better. We all need it – energy is contagious and I believe that light will always beat out the darkness.  Eating healthy will keep you mind right and your body feeling strong.

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I hope this helps you think about how to take care of yourself post election. Do you have any other thoughts to add or anything to share? Leave me a note below if so and I promise to spend special time and care to your comments.

With love, Xo

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  1. mary
    December 2, 2016 / 5:56 pm

    Great suggestions for so many that are suffering.

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