Tips for a Busy Fashionable Life!

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We all have our career titles, but, as we get older, it seems that we should be calling ourselves what we really do: professional multi-taskers! Since sharing with you in a previous post that I am now a freelancer, I have more freedom and time, but that doesn’t always mean things get easier. I love the challenges of balancing life; they make us stronger and better, and if we’re doing what we love, they’re all worth it in the end.


As a fashion blogger, I’m constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends and thinking of creative ideas for Instagram, Snapchat and blog posts. We also have to balance answering emails and taking the time to plan our looks and go shopping, all the while aiming to look put-together and fashionable. It’s so much fun and I really enjoy what I do, but it’s definitely a lifestyle where that I’m on the go.

*This coffee shop is called Better Buzzed in Encinitas CA – worth a pop in if you’re ever in San Diego!
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Busy days aren’t a bad thing, I actually love being busy. When I’m working hard I love to treat myself and rally on! Here are a few tips for a busy fashionable life.

A good blowout: My hair has always been one of my challenges if life, taking literally hours to do, so I find regular blowouts make me feel so relaxed and put-together (and they last for days). I often go to my stylist’s salon, Kelli Christine, in West Hollywood. It’s so comfortable beautiful! The best part is I can get work done while she handles my hair or even go in late and catch up on our shows while she works her magic.

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Snack and rally: It’s so fun to be working with ZonePerfect® Nutrition Bars because they’re a snack I’ve had in my purse for years! Here’s the story: my friend Erica first introduced them to me when I went to Belize with her and I’ve been hooked ever since. The Chocolate Mint is my favorite flavor – it tastes amazing and gives you that extra energy you need when you start to feel your blood sugar drop. I’ll usually enjoy them in the mornings after my coffee before I grab lunch around 1pm or 2pm. This may sound strange, but I store them in the freezer or fridge—they taste amazing when a little cold (another trick my friend taught me). Whether I’m about to rush of off to an event or if I need to get through the afternoon, they’re great to have on hand when you want something sweet that won’t spoil your dinner.

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Color Pop: On busy days, I always try to ensure my makeup is done and the one thing that usually makes me feel refreshed is a pop of lip! Right now I’m loving matte lipsticks – I’ve been wearing ColorPop and also Stella.

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The Swap Out: Day-to-night outfits are your best friend! Keeping a pair of heels in your car will ensure you’re ready for anything that life throws at you last minute – these are usually the best things! Happy hour with your friends, a last minute date invite or maybe you get asked to be a plus-one at a fabulous event – pop on a heel and you’re ready to go!

At ZonePerfect, we don’t just love making bars—we insist that all of feature delicious and tempting ingredients that also happen to be nutritious. With so many varieties to chose from, you’re sure to find the perfect flavor for any craving. So keep a few bars on hand, and don’t let snack time distract you.

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    Love this! We totally have the same aesthetic! ;)

  2. mary
    July 1, 2016 / 7:58 pm

    I love the light blue off the shoulders top. So feminine.

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