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As you all know, a few weeks back I spent two days at the Shop.org conference, which was an awesome experience because the conference bridges tech with retail. There were tons of companies that offered solutions for any retail or ecommerce business, so we had the chance to chat with them and learn about our options as a blogger or potential retailer down the line. So many bloggers eventually enter the retail space with their own, so it’s all great knowledge to have!

My favorite area though, was the tech room. There’s tons of cool advancements in the future that will definitely blow us away and will start to be come the norm. See below my three takeaways from the conference.

AI is the next big thing!

It was crazy to see, but we’re not too far from AI really playing a major role in our lives. So Siri, yeah, the concept was super novel at first and we were all blown away, but can you imagine a talking, visible Siri who can tell you where to go to dinner? We’re not to far from it.

Kobe Bryant is a normal 9-5er?!

One of the things I loved about attending the Shop.org conference was to see the incredible panelist they had in attendance. I’ve been a major fan of Kobe Bryant’s since growing up and Shop.org brought him to the conference as a Keynote Speaker! I lined up early and made sure to get a front row seat. What did he talk about? Well, he shared his normal life as of now and he’s turned into a business and family man, which is great. He was asked to describe being an entrepreneur and he shared, “the best way to describe being an entrepreneur is that you’re jumping off a building with plane on its way as you’re own your way down.” I think some bloggers and entrepreneurs I know can agree!

Lastly, what I’ve always admired about him is his dedication. He seems so devoted to whatever he’s doing. Right now, he says he gets up at 4AM every morning, going to the gym at 4:30AM, takes the kids to school, meditates for 20 mins, then starts his day. I wish I had the decline of a 4am wake up call every morning.

Seeing Kobe Bryant was super special to me.

Tyra is more of a creative – I can relate!

Another amazing and reported human, Tyra Banks, was in the building. I caught the end of her panel but the biggest takeaway from me is that she said to stick to what you’re good at and outsource the rest. She is a creative and needs to still to that and the marketing, instead of having her hands in everything. She said it’s much smarter to outsource certain jobs to the experts and stick to what you know.

To read more about the conference, check out all the post stores here at Shop.org.


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