The Best Cropped Sweatshirt and Leggings Combination

Kristen Conahan, Red Sweatshirt, Cropped Sweatshirt, Vinyl Leggings

This has definitely become one of my most favorite looks – and these pants are a sure-fire way to receive a compliment.

Vinyl Leggings, Casual LA Style, Affordable Looks. Affordable outfits, Red Cropped Sweatshirt, PLTStyle

These two items have become some of the best purchases EVER.

They are fashionable, comfortable and very affordable.

Red Cropped Hoodie, Vinly Leggings, What To Wear, Casual Look, Kristen Conahan

When it comes to fashion, I always struggle with how to look cute during the day. Many girls sport heels while running errands or going about their day, but is that really practical? Sometimes I see them make it look amazing but then there are others times it looks like they’re trying a little too hard. Then on the flip side, I often dress casual and don’t really feel that vibe I like to when I wear heels – what the balance? That’s why this outfit speaks to me – casual cool is one of the most difficult ways to dress.

Red cropped Sweatshirt, Kristen Conahan, Vinyl Pants

I saw this cropped sweatshirt on a few difference influencers and they’re on to something. It’s a great layering piece but really looks good on its own too. It comes in pretty much every color and I plan on purchasing it in cream and white too (thanks for the reminder!)

Kristen Conahan, Los Angeles Fashion Blogger, What to Wear, Red Cropped Sweatshirt, Kristen Conahan

The leggings also wouldn’t be my first choice but sometimes it’s seeing it first on someone that gives you the confidence to wear it. After sporting them for a few times, they’re absolutely a favorite. I receive so many compliments but also, they’re too comfortable. The high-waisted fit make them great with a cropped jacket or cropped sweatshirt, plus they go well with sneakers or boots.

Cropped Sweatshirt, Kristen Conahan, LA fashion Blogger, LA street style, Pretty Little Thing Streetstyle

Lately I’ve just been excited to wear more clothes that feel like me. For a long time blogging, I used to feel pressured to dress like everyone else and looking back, I’m not sure I was really that excited about it. My personal goal is to wear more pieces that feel like me and excited to share my continued journey with you.

If you want to shop any of the looks, see them all below. Love you guys! xoxo


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