encourage_compare_zps98b0775cI saw this and I LOVED it. Especially, being a fashion blogger, this really resonated with me. The world we live in these days gives us access to see inside people’s homes, live, follow them daily, and learn from them in so many creative and brilliant ways. But isn’t it true that we all have a little envy and can’t help but compare their interiors, their home, their relationship, their beauty or talents, to ours? This piece is from Emily McDowell, a talented blogger, writer and illustration. Her pieces make the best gifts to others or to yourself for daily inspiration! Below area few more I thought were just lovely.




 It was a rainy day in Los Angeles and it was one of the first times I had a chance to wear my new scarf, compliments of  INDIGENOUS. I discovered this eco-fashion, organic and fair trade line just recently and the scarf is so soft, I could almost sleep in it. I’m wearing the Tassle Scarf, which is made in Peru.

We hear the term a lot, but what does Fair Trade really mean?  Green gifts are the ultimate opportunity to promote sustainable living and prove that fashion can be as wonderful to the planet as it is to wear.  When shopping holiday, it’s important to think that maybe your gift can change someone’s mind and help them appreciate the beauties of organic and Fair Trade Eco Fashion!

I’m also wearing new dress by Kelly Wreastler that I scored at her holiday sample sale this season.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far!

Hugs and kisses.


Dress – Kelly Wreastler; Scarf – c/o Indigenous; Cuff – Kelly Wreastler; Clutch – c/o Benah

Photography by Soul Of Photogrpahy