Jacket – Nordstrom Rack // Croptop – Topshop // Full Skirt – // Jewelry – c/o Robyn Rhodes // Nude Giselle Heels – c/o Sole Society // Karen Walker Sunnies

Hi, everyone. Hope you all  had a fantastic weekend. I wanted to share a recent Style Challenge that I’ve done with my blogger babe, Kimberly Luu from According To Kimberly. We both adore our Sole Society shoes and we’ve style them in two different ways. I love what she’s done for the night time look by adding a rocker chic feel. You can see more of her look here.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 4.38.14 PMWhat look do you like best?

What I love about these shoes is that they are super comfortable for heels and add a ton of support.

I’m excited to share that I’ll be posting another style challenge tomorrow! Tis the week of blogger face-offs.




H&M  - Slip Dress - LA Street Style DSC_0279 LA Fashion Blogger DSC_0281 DSC_0285 DSC_0290 DSC_0307

Hat – Target, Dress – H&M old but love Alexander Wang’s Slip Dress for The Outnet, Scarf c/o Bri Seely, Bracelet – H&M, Booties – Pour La Victoire old but obsessed with these and totally getting them myself, Rings – Tiffany Kunz, Sunnies – Karen Walker Number One

Here in LA, we’re still a little confused – what season is it? We should be thankful, I know, but I really can’t wait for sweater weather, cozy season, sunny with a brisk air. Well, Sunday felt like summer again  (reason for my dress) while it should be fall (reason for my scarf). What temperature are you feeling? I promise we’ll on get on track soon and we’ll all be talking layers and boots, very, very soon. Until then, I hope you enjoy the post. I loved how the photos turned out, golden hour did me well. XO





Oh, what an amazing 3-day weekend! Two days go by so fast, but three days is JUUUST right. I got so much done, it was lovely. I had a yard sale ($40 dollars in one hour – wahoo!), organized my car, house etc. (that felt so good!) then relaxed with some friends at The Grove. My boyfriend and I went to his friend’s house in the Marina for Memorial Day. It was a little clowdy when we got to the beach but we took a couple shots, nonetheless!


Dress, Necklace and Bag (H&M); Current Elliot Jacket buy similar HERE; Boots – Jessica Simpson buy HERE or similar HERE



The year has come to a close and I wanted to take a moment to share some of my New Year’s resolutions for 2013. Have you thought about what you’d like to accomplish in 2013? I recently heard something on a documentary called, ‘HAPPY,’ that made me think. They said 40% of someone’s happiness has to do with the leisurely activities they do in their free time. It’s so important for us as people to constantly challenge ourselves to get out of our routine and create newness in our lives. New activities, new hobbies and find new ways to be our best selves. Following are the ways I will be striving in 2013 to be the best Kristen, so that I can only better those around me. Blessings to you all for a wonderful, joyous, 2013.

1. Get creative! The times when I am being creative are probably some of my happiest times. I am striving in 2013 to make better collages, take more creative pictures, and create more beauty through fashion for you all to enjoy.
2. More and more photos – photography is innate in me and I haven’t fully yet explored this outlet of creativity as much as I could. This year I will be taking many many more photos.
3. Dance… I used to dance in college. I plan to take it back up again. This year I’d like to explore more modern dance.
4. Give…Think outside of myself as much as possible and strive to make those close to me happier in any way that I can.
5. More Service – this is a general statement, but super important resolution. I hope to volunteer more, create more opportunities for my clients, and help our clients do even more of the amazing work that they do. See Raven + Lily and Sseko Designs to get an idea of what I’m referring to.
6. Push the fashion limits and create beauty and poetry without words, but with clothes, colors and texture. I.E., Style Wax Poetic .
7. Celebrate – the beautiful, tiny, treasures in life.
8. Practice Gratitude – working with the clients that we do, I have the opportunity to learn about some of the most beautiful cultures in the world. They have next to nothing, yet they want to give you everything, still. We are blessed. We have toilets, clothes, inner and outer beauty, family and friends. I have the opportunity to share my heart and passion with you through Style Wax Poetic. I am grateful, and we must not ever lost that feeling in 2013!
9. Meditate more – I am always my best self when I take time out of my date to mediate and pray. This can be more spiritual reasons or nonspiritual reasons. I think it can be wonderful for everyone, whatever their interests are. More inner peace for all, we all deserve it.
10. Live colorfully! I have a lot of simple colors on my wardrobe, but I love COLOR. This year, I’m going to be more BOLD with my wardrobe. Watch and see..
11. More interviews – In 2013, I plan to dive deeper and find out more behind the scenes of designers, musicians, and photographers. Yay!
12. Rebrand – I will be rebraning very very soon. This will be like a fresh new start of a relationship. From me, to you, with love.

13. Love more openly, to all and to the one who deserves it most.

13. Enjoy the fabulous, beauty, of clothes, creativity and all the things that Style Wax Poetic has brought into my life.

Live, love, enjoy and be fashionable!


DSC_0346DSC_0371DSC_0307It’s officially winter and Los Angeles was feeling the cold weather this weekend – brrrrr! I’ve been spending a lot of time in doors these days, enjoying the Christmas tree, making dinners and hanging out with friends at the apartment. But when it’s time to get out, the layers are key! I love leather jackets and feel it’s always a great way to incorporate a little ‘rocker chic’ into your outfit. It was freezing and starting to rain but we took a couple snaps in the neighborhood, followed by a delicious cocktail at Messhall and pizza at Little Doms. Quite the perfect day if you ask me! Wishing you all wonderful times with friends, family and more.

Leather Jacket – EVER (Similar HERE or HERE) // Sweater – Kelly Wearstler // Pants – Kelly Wearstler (Buy HERE) // Bag by Rebecca Minkoff  (Buy HERE) // Booties – Forever21 // Sunnies – Rayban



If you follow my Instagram, you probably have noticed I’m obsessed with these beautiful leaves lately! I love the seasons and it’s nice to know Los Angeles actually does have them, at least a little.

My outfit today was inspired from these lovely printed pants.  A bold pant is easy to outfit as the rest of the outfit can be pretty simple (blacks, whites, etc). These pants are one of my recent purchases from the Kelly Wearstler sample sale. If I could, I would shop all year long at sample sales, as I still can’t really believe how well I did.  I will be posting more on this to come, but be sure to sign up for Daily Candy for their daily newsletter if you haven’t. They list all the great sales in town!

For the top, I’ve always wanted to try out the the cropped look. A bandeau is a great purchase and you’ll find you use it all the time. Of course you need a jacket or cover-up to wear with it, so I threw on my employees only inspired zipper jacket!

I wouldn’t suggest wearing this out in the day, but for a night time out with your girls or a funky gallery opening, go for it! For a more causal look, this can be paired with a simple t-shirt and wedge booties.



Pants – Kelly Wearstler (Similar here and here) // Bandeau Top – Nordstrom ( Similar Here) // Bomber Jacket – R29 Shops  (Similar here) // Chunky Necklace – Kelly Wreastler  (Buy here) // Sunnies  – William Rast ( Similar Here) // Booties – Pour La Victoire ( Similair HERE)


I love the train station in Glendale, hidden down the street away from everything. The historic building is magical at sunset, and happens to be only 10 minutes from my place.  It’s definetly a great place for photos and beautiful at dusk.  By now you’ve seen my faux fur vest, that goes with just about anything. What’s on your wish list?



Dress; Missoni // Faux Fur Vest; Aqua from Bloomingales // Booties; Pour La Victoire (my fav)  // Cuff; Courtesy of Benah // Hair by Vered Salon



There’s been a lot of buzz around Art District’s latest gem, Bestia LA, and it’s officially open last Friday after much anticipation. I had the pleasure of visiting the restaurant with a couple of my fellow blogger babes, Jenny Wu from Good, Bad & Fab , and Taye Hansberry, from She Likes Stuff.  If you’re anything like me and miss the New York City vibe here in Los Angeles, a visit to Bestia DTLA will make you feel right back at home. Nestled away in the Arts District, this area is becoming one of my favorite places in Los Angeles.

Expect open an industrial feel, exposed brick, large windows that open in the patio covered in vine and an open kitchen where you can watch the married duo, chef Ori Menashe (Angelini Osteria) and pastry chef Genevieve Gergis, whip up some magic.  The reviews have been nothing but fantastic and after visiting, I now see why.

Here are just a few of the amazing items on the menu..

Olives – $5 for a bowl of delicious olives.

Roasted Vegetables – beautiful presentation

Pizza Bianca – some of the best pizza around. A little taste of Napoli

Chestnut Papardelle – poached egg deliciousness on Mushroom Ragu

Squid Ink Pasta – made from the highest quality dry pasta there is. This is one of favorites and i don’t even love pasta, cooked al denti to perfection with a touch of spice.

Roasted marrow bone – I don’t eat red meat but everyone else ADORED this dish.

Dessert – anything from pastry chef Genevieve Gergis is amazing. She whipped up some coffee ice cream for us from mostly milk, not cream, and we all could not believe how amazing it was.  To give you an idea, Nancy Silverstein tried one of her cookies and was so impressed, it is now on the menu at Bread.

  Ribbed Peplum Topshop Jacket  – Buy HERE

811 mid-rise Matches skinny jeans – Buy HERE

Dorothy Perkins Statement collar necklace – Buy HERE

ASOS ARIES Studded Ankle Boots – Buy HERE

ASOS Leather Metal Plate Tote – Buy HERE

Check out more about Bestia – www.