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Coachella Style: What To Wear

Consideration was provided by Sears.

For those of you who have weekend two Coachella tickets, I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to watch all the Instagram posts of weekend one, only wishing it was weekend two so you could be amidst of all the fun. If you’re heading out to weekend two, you’ll especially enjoy this Coachella Style inspired look!

Kristen Conahan, Coachella Style, festival style, fashion blogger, street style, top fashion blogger, free people, sears styleOne thing to keep in mind when you’re dressing for Coachella that you’ll want to keep it casual and dress it up with accessories. I ended up choosing these bermuda shorts because they are super comfortable and dressing up the jean with a sheer look.

Free People, festival style, sears fashion, kristen conhanIf you’re really feeling confident, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a bathing suit top or bralette, it’s totally festival chic approved! I threw my army jacket on as a little cover up and layered accessories for styling.

Festival Style, street style, coachella style, fashion blogger, kristen conahan, what to wearWhen it comes to makeup, keep it summer-y and light. I also really love this top for everyday – it’s sexy and sheer while also being really classy!

Coachella style, kristen conahan, festival style, what to wear to coachella, street style, bongo fashion

coachella style, kristen conahan, free people, fashion blogger

Wishing you all a safe festival weekend! Tag me in your festival looks, I’d love to see them on Instagram!

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Weekend Outfit: Casual + Chic

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The Olsen Twins Inspired: Boho Vibes

Kristen Conahan, The Olsen Twins, The Olsen's Look, Boohoo.com, Boho Vibes, Los Angeles Style

It’s about the time to go a little boho. Coachella is around the corner, summer is approaching and the sun and fresh air is making us feel adventurous and free. This post is inspired by style icons The Olsen Twins  who perfected boho vibes to a tee!


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White Blazer: New Spring Wardrobe Additions

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Ready for Spring Fashion

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Yellow Dress kids section at Zara | Tall Brown Boots with Heel – Jessica Simspon | Sunnies Karen Walker Number One | Ring ℅ Boohoo.com

Spring Fashion, yellow dress, Zara Kids, Fashion blogger, spring in bloom

Ready for spring?!

When I lived in New York City my favorite time of year was when the seasons changed from winter to spring. There’s no way to describe it, but everyone becomes overwhelmed with a simultaneous smile and it’s really amazing to see.

Here in LA, the change in temperature is not as drastic. We often have summer days in winter, but we’re still captivated by all the beauty spring has to offer. These LA gardens make me happy and when I’m here I feel an overwhelming peace.

It’s time for spring fashion. I love wearing beautiful flowy dresses and gorgeous pastels. The dress I’m wearing is a new purchase from Zara kids – can you believe it? I’m 5’4 so if you’re my size, you’ll probably fit too!

Photography by www.michelpinto.com || Hair by Kelli Christine

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SWP Picks: Spring Bags

With the time changing last week and the weather feeling like summer in Los Angeles, there’s been a lot of talk about spring fashion. I think it’s a unanimous feeling to love spring, I mean, how can you not? The flowers are in blow and we’re seeing color that we haven’t for months. The sun is shining and inevitably, there are smiles on peoples faces. All of this, changes the way we dress – the colors, the temperature and our mood. We gravitate towards color and softer pastels. I’ll be talking a lot about spring trends but today’s post, I’m talking about spring bags.

It’s something I can definitely improve on – having the perfect spring bag for every occasion or every outfit. I’m gravitating towards softer hues (like this backpack for instance) for my spring bags, which will go with mostly everything because they’re neutrals. Also, I’m letting you all in a little secret! Nordstrom Rack has the most amazing designer bags for a really realistic price. Don’t get me wrong, I love investing in a good bag time and again like this Alexander Wang, but it’s still TOTALLY possible to buy amazing designer quality bags for less then $100 or $200 at Nordys. The bags are all linked on the image, so click-click directly to purchase. Which is your favorite? XX

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Leather + Lace

One of my favorite new trends in fashion is lace…


Lace: it’s feminine and sweet and it’s an easy way to incorporate something delicate into your look. Lace popping up all over the internet in street style and it’s being used in completely unexpected ways. Like for example, a lace skirt with runners? Totally different and absolutely works. A lace skirt with a casual sweatshirt? Maybe my favorite so far. Check out some of my favorites on my Lace Inspiration Pinterest Board.

Lace Street Style, LA Blogger, Lace Pencil Skrit, White Lace SKirt, LA FashionGET THE LOOK

Vest | White Lace Skirt (similar) | Zara Heels (similar) | Sunnies | Purse | Nixon Watch

Photography by Michel Pinto

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Sweaters + Rips

In every girl’s closet there should be a handful of cozy knit sweaters in neutrals and a variety of ripped jeans..

Kristen Conahan, Fashion Blogger, Street style, white jeans with rips, ripped denim, top shop skinny jeans, knitsI hope you’re all having an amazing weekend. I’ve been in New York for the past couple days but lately back in Los Angeles I’ve been stocking up on my knits. I swear, I’d wear  cozy sweater and ripped jeans everyday if I could – it’s the simplest, chicest look and gives off a laid back “I’m not trying” vibe.

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The Weekend Edit: Winter White & Silver

winter whites

I hope you’re all having an amazing weekend. It’s practically summer in LA, which I guess we sure can’t complain about, but I’m thinking winter as I’m heading out to NYC next week.

Today’s edit is perfect for winter, because I love a good winter white. I’m also becoming more and more into silver, rather than gold elements. The two together, winter white and silver, just make me over the moon.

1 // White Loose Turtle Neck Sweater – the easiest outfit this time of year is a good knit sweater, jeans (rips preferably) and a pair of cute flats. Winter white is always a chic option. I don’t think it’s necessary to pay hundreds of dollars on knits, so I’m including this amazing option for only $30. The loose turtlenecks adds an element of chic + coziness at the same time.

2 // Necklace in Crystal – I’m sure you’ve sent these necklaces everywhere but often they range in the hundreds. This one is reasonably priced.  I love the edginess of this and I love how it comes to a point at the bottom. I wear this statement necklace often, which is similar, but I really am coveting this one as well.

3 // Vita Fede Silver Bracelet – this is a great investment piece that you can throw on over a watch or layer with other bracelets. We all need a selection of great accessories because we know the low end jewelry doesn’t last.

4  // Ladies Rolex Datejust  – I love a good watch and I especially love a good men’s watch for women. The pink is super chic and perfect for Valentine’s Day! More new and used rolex options check out Swiss-Wrist.com.

5 // White Jeans with Rips – jeans are tough. Just when you feel like you have too many, you want more. Do you understand my struggle? If it were up to me, every girl would own a pair of ripped jeans in blue, white and black. They are a vital part of our closet and perfectly paired with a good knit for an easy weekend outfit. Done and done.

6 // Lunch Pail Bag – Forever21 is just on point lately. This bag is definitely a ripoff (sorry!) but for $20 I can mess with this. Coveting it in both colors to pair it with loose pants and an oversized sweater.

7 // Silver Pumps – only $32 dollars if you hurry! Wear them with any winter white look.

8 //Faux Patent Leather Flats – just purchased these yesterday and I’m in love. Only $22.90 – enjoy!

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The Grand Del Mar

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