Girls Weekend in Carmel By The Sea

Girls Weekend in Carmel, vintage inspired hotels, northern california hotels, what to do in Carmel

I’ve been wanting to travel more for a while and finally, I got it together. This is the first of many influencer trips to come and I feel so grateful for how the first trip turned out. A girls weekend in Carmel was just the perfect way to kick of this year’s traveling.

Girls Weekend in Carmel, What to do in Carmel, vintage inspired hotels, bed and breakfast in carmel, best place to stay in carmel

So where’s this Carmel place? It’s about 5 hours north of LA, just outside of Monterey, north of Big Sur. There’s Carmel Valley (also amazing and not too far), and then there’s Carmel by the Sea, where we stayed. I didn’t really know what to expect but we fell in love with the Hofsa House and this small quaint town.

Here are few reasons why I thought Carmel was amazing and makes for a perfect girls weekend:

  • Its landscape, to start: it’s in the middle of the forest, yet it’s on the ocean. The vibe is incredible. I’ve always thought that about these amazing Northern Californian towns. They’re magical.
  • Once you’re there, you don’t need your car. Everything is walking distance, which to me, means vacation. Sometimes you just don’t want to drive and convenience will really make you feel like you can stop and just chill.
  • The wine + art + food: there’s wine bars and art galleries all over town! I mean…hello perfect Saturday with your friends?!
  • Fireplaces are mandatory: I swear every place we went to has a fireplace (including our rooms!). The joke was that when the sun went down and no one was around (we first found this a little erie), we figured it’s a mandatory rule that everyone retired to their fireplaces. Ha! Oh, and they have other rules in this town too. More on that in a bit.

The Hofsa House was a really good option for us. It’s a little hard to tell from their photos online but it’s a really wonderful place to stay! The rooms have the vibe that it’s your grandma’s house, which some may think is a little outdated, but it’s actually on purpose and the rooms are so well kept and cute. We met the owner and there’s a really cool story behind the hotel. Her grandmother started it back when women weren’t even working. She was married and wanted to do her own thing, so she did. And look how cool it’s turned out to be. It’s definitely inspiring for a girls weekend Carmel when you find out that the place you’re staying has such a cool story.

The property around the hotel is lined with plants and flowers. I loved my peaceful walk in the morning to go get coffee in the lobby – the birds were chirping, the breeze was blowing and the sun was shinning through the plants as the dew gently fell away. They have good coffee too! That’s a deal breaker for me when traveling. Best be having some good coffee and not that in the room crap.

The picture below shows our room and that amazing wall paper. Then this chair, the chair was my favorite. How amazing is this chair?!

Hofsa house, girls weekend Carmel, vintage inspired hotels

Pictured above my girls Vic from The Vic Styles and Sunny from From Sunny with Love

We lounged at the hotel, drank wine and listened to music. For lunch we had some of the most AMAZING sandwiches from the 5th Street Deli – you must go here! We loved it so much we went back there again on Sunday. We wandered through the property and took some more photos. I love this one I took below of my girl Vic.

My favorite day by far was Saturday. After scoring some amazing finds at a local thrift store called Givingtree Benefit Shop (<– you must go here too!)- we spent the day drinking wine and wandering around town. De Tierra Winery was my favorite – it made me feel like I was in Europe.

 De Tierra Winery, Girls weekend in Carmel, carmel by the sea

To sum it up, the weekend was perfect. Good company, good tunes (our collaborative Spofity list was fire), good wine, food and new surroundings make for a rejuvenating couple days!

Thank you Hofsa House for the amazing stay – it was perfect.

To book or find out more:

Hofsas House Hotel
Between 3rd & 4th Ave
on San Carlos Street.
P.O. Box 1195
Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA 93921


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