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I had opportunity to sit down with the ladies behind the Los Angeles based skincare line, The Peacock Apothecary, and I must say, I learned a lot. They said something that struck me pretty big – they approach skin care the same way they approach food, which makes so much sense. They told me they wouldn’t want to put something in their bodies that has been sitting on the shelf for years, the same way most of us feel about food. They also said that their skincare has a shelf life (2 months) and the first weeks of any product is when it’s most potent. We find ourselves going to buy skincare products, usually spending a pretty penny, when most of these products may have been sitting on the shelf for sometime. Peacock Apothecary, an all natural line, is meant to be used within a short period of time (4-6 weeks), and instead of paying $80-$100 they make it affordable for everyone.

These ladies have really done their homework and they know what’s good for their bodies. They make these lovely products at home without any synthetic products or fillers. I had the opportunity to try out the line and I truly enjoyed all of it. It feels great on your skin, smells divine and you can really feel it hydrating your skin.

Read on below to find out more about the founders. The best part about it is they are offering one lucky a chance to win a Face Serum, Night Creme Mini, a Scrub and Lip Balm..

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They’re also offering 15% discount on orders placed on their website for the next two weeks with code – waxpoetic2013. Just visit – by January 26th.

Interview with Samantha Feld Samuelson and Caitlyn Montgomery

DSC_0549Why did you decide to start Peacock Apothecary?
We essentially came together over our love for all things “crafted”. We first met five years ago, and bonded over all things natural and handmade, from dehydrating fruit and making kombucha, fermented foods, almond milk and yogurt from scratch, to researching and experimenting with ecologically safe house paints. Our eyes naturally turned to skincare and we found the space and need for a line of products that were 100% natural and handmade without fillers and chemical junk.

When and how did your attitude start to shift towards organic, socially conscious and all things natural?
We’re both from Southern California which has always been at the forefront of this shift towards living in a more socially and environmentally conscious way. It was a natural way to go for us. We shop at farmer’s markets and are conscious about the food we nourish our bodies with. Your skin is your biggest organ and it so easily absorbs the products that you slather on it. We try to approach skincare with the same mentality that we’d approach food and produce. Why would you want to put a product on your skin that’s been sitting on a shelf for 2 year? You wouldn’t drink milk that’s been sitting in a fridge for that long.
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Tell us a little about the product and what’s different in your product than say something you’d buy at the counter at Bloomingdales?
Our products are all-natural and handmade to order. Most importantly, our products do not contain harsh preservatives or synthetic ingredients so each item will come with an expiration date. Because our products are all-natural, we find them to be more nourishing and effective than a product that’s littered with chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Additionally, we can customize any of our products to best fit your skincare needs.

What’s the best thing about doing what you do?
We love hearing from our customers when they get addicted to one our products, or how the product has changed their skin. Our ultimate goal is to change how people approach skincare products, so it’s wonderful that we can educate people about what’s really in their products.

What would say is the most important 6 things about caring for your skin?
1. Keep your skin moisturized and your body hydrated
2. Oil is your skin’s friend
3. Exfoliate at least 2x a week
4. Raw masks (I’ve created a Sunday facial routine where I whip up a raw mask from leftover produce in my fridge)
5. Don’t go to bed with your make up on and better yet, make sure to use a great night cream.

What philosophy do you try to live by?
Awareness and Gratitude

After living in Los Angeles, what are some of your favorite spots for a Saturday afternoon?
Sam – I usually start my Saturday with Yoga Booty Ballet. I’m addicted to this dance class and Kristen is just an amazing teacher. We also just started a crafting club with our friends that meets on Saturdays, so that should start taking up most of my Saturdays in the future. Some of my favorite Los Angeles spots include Blue Collar Working Dog and Supply (I have a pup named Stevie Nicks), Sky Lark in Venice for clothing, Vamp Shoes, Kelly Green Home, The Conservatory for Coffee and Gen for the best damn sushi in LA

Cait – Saturdays start bright and early with a trip to Elysian Park with my lab and bulldog. There is something about driving through Los Angeles before 8am on a weekend. It’s quiet and fresh, two words not normally associated with this town. The rest of the weekend is usually spent EATING. The park is generally followed up by Echo Park Donuts, my favorite old school Eastside donut shop or for something heartier, my boyfriend and I walk to the finest breakfast burrito in town at Mai Mexican Food, a little cash only shack off of 6th & Spring. Lunch at The Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada in Los Feliz followed by ice cream at Scoops off of Hyperion. Then if I have my way, I’ll sneak in a nap before a bike ride for sausages at Wurstkuche and dessert at The Pie hole across the street. Best pie next to the ones that come out of my oven! MMM…. Is it the weekend yet?

What are some tips you practice about living consciously?
Filling our homes with live plants and herbs, reading the ingredient’s list, cleaning with “green” products, recycling, cooking and crafting with love and intention.

When working, what song is playing in the background?
Sam works for FILTER Magazine so we often stream one of their Rdio playlists in the kitchen, otherwise we listen to everything from Fleetwood Mac to Alt-J to Lindstrom and Icona Pop

What do you enjoy about being in business together?
We’re good friends so it doesn’t feel like work when we get together.

What are some of your new year’s resolutions for 2013?
We have SO many, I actually just worked on an intention board for 2013 to keep everything at the forefront of my mind. In regards to Peacock, we have a lot of new products that we’d like to add to our line including face polish, cleanser, toners, hair oils, soap and a men’s line.



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    Beautify Your Life | LA Based Skincare Line Peacock Apothecary Giveaway | Style Wax Poetic

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