Hair Secret + Transformation

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Ok girls, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Here it goes…………..I’m wearing extensions!

Okay-okay SO, some of you may have already known this. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that my hair didn’t grow that fast, otherwise you definitely would have seen a blog post about it sharing my secrets. But in all honesty, it’s nothing I’m ashamed of and I don’t think you should be either. Beautiful hair is something to be admired and if we aren’t born with it well, there are options. Great options.

I visited Los Angeles Hair Stylist Kelli Christine at her newly opened hair salon, S t u d i o.D a z e. I met her when I first had hair extensions and have stayed connected to her through hair ever since. I loved my extensions, so when I started to get the itch again, I immediately contacted Kelli.

She recommended clip-ins, by Bellami Hair. The process was too much for me to figure out on my own and thankfully she’s available to consult on what length and color to order. I couldn’t have done this without her. It’s very important that the clip-ins match your normal hair, to have the most natural look possible.

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When I say hair transformation, I definitely mean it. We started with a Brazilian blow-out to help my hair lay straight and be as easy to manage as the clip-ins are. Then we moved onto color; Kelli has always thought I needed more warmth in my hair for my skin tone, so I let her work her color magic. Lastly, it’s the trim! After my hair was blown dry, she put in my clip ins and trimmed my hair so everything blended together naturally.

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The best part of visiting Kelli’s salon is that you are as comfortable as if you were at your own home. She has a TV if you feeling like watching a movie, girl talk as if you’re at home chatting with one of your girlfriends and of course there is the Official Ruka (below). You can catch him on Instagram here.

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Kelli’s clients love her for her ability to really listen to their needs, giving them a look that will best enhance their pallet and lifestyle, all while keeping the integrity of their hair her priority. In town she is known for her ability to give her clients natural looking hair color and extensions by creating a look that has depth and longevity. Her hours are also extremely flexible, taking clients late at night or traveling with them to their destination. Her passion, care, and consistency are what keep her clients coming back.

S t u d i o. D a z e

 Conveniently located inside Salon Republic: 8383 Wilshire Blvd Suite 50, #53 Beverly
Hills, CA 90211

Contact: (916) 622.8366

Photography by Michel Pinto


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