Black Blazer + White T-Shirt + Jeans

black blazer, White T-Shirt, Ripped Jeans, Black lace up sandals

It’s a classic look that I often forget to wear – a simple white-tshirt, ripped jeans and black blazer.
Black Blazer And Jeans, Jeans,



Have you heard of Lyric Couture?

How to wear a white t-shirt, black blazer, ripped jeans

The brand designs t-shirts from famous songs. I’m wearing their To Live And Die in LA t-shirt and I really actually love their new t-shirt by the Biebs, What Do You Mean. Why is that song so dang catchy?
street-style, la blogger, La fashion blogger, Black Blazer, White T-Shirt, Jeans

The shoes are a big time favorite of mine that I purchased from Zara. I get co mpliments over and over again on them. They are old but I found some very similar here (high) or here (low and pretty much exact).
 black blazer, White T-Shirt, Ripped Jeans, Black lace up sandals

I’ve always love this simple look – it’s really never going to go out of style and a blazer is something you can incorporate into your wardrobe over and over again. I rarely show you my messy hair days but trust they are often. I love the volume on messy hair days and I usually try to compensate for those days when I don’t do my hair with a hair-flip. :)



  1. mary
    January 2, 2017 / 10:22 pm

    I love the white skirt. You look so feminine and pretty.

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