Fashion Basics, but ain’t no basic b*tch

Fashion Basics, but ain’t no basic b*tch

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Do you ever struggle between wanting to stand out and have fun with fashion, but knowing basics are the pieces that will last you a lifetime? That is me,  aaaaaall the time.

As I fashion blogger I strive to show you new ways to wear things that maybe you wouldn’t think of otherwise, or fashion ideas that inspire you take pieces you already own and wear them in a different way.  I think fashion should be fun, not exhausting, and playful, not serious. Which brings me to today’s post: Fashion Basics, but ain’t no basic b*tch.

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I love to feel a little feminine and sexy in all my outfits – to me that’s empowering, others may disagree and that’s totally OK. For me, that feeling comes from my personality and how you wear things, but also makeup, hair and definitely the clothes. This look wouldn’t be the same without this super cute lace up sweater. I love the lace up details because it makes it more than just an ordinary sweater and the oversized off the shoulder lo ok.

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But other than the super cute trend sweater, the outfit  is a lot of fashion basics: high-waisted white jeans, a denim jacket tied around my waist, super simple heels from Ippo (they’re on sale for $20), my go to choker and my current staple watch from Daniel Wellington.

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  1. Natali
    March 19, 2017 / 10:15 pm

    Looking gorgeous in this simple, laid back outfit! I like your pink knit very much!

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