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Hey babes…how’s your weekend been? I’ve been relaxing more than ever and taking care of bizzzz – I shot for the blog, cleaned my apartment and spent sometime online shopping in bed (ahhhh the best). I know, from too much personal experience – ha, that online shopping takes time. Digging through deep websites, keeping track of what you really want/need, juggling when to purchase something (do you wait for the best sale or will it sell out). Girl. I know the struggle.

Because I just spent WAY too much money and a good 2-3 hours online, I thought I’d hook you up with these amazing finds too.

Let’s start with the above from H&M’s home line – yep, I forget they carry home products too.

There’s a ton I like in H&M’s home line but today I purchased the basics. To start, I’ve been looking for a soft pink duvet cover (colorways for my bed are white, blush and grey), and I found this duvet at an icredible price. It’s not their premium line, so I don’t expect it to be feeling like anything crazy expensive, but the look will have a nice appeal and it’s not going to be touching my skin directly. Also, H&M has some amazingly priced pillows so I picked up a few white and soft pink pillows to match in both 20×20 for the very back and 16×16 the next layer of decoration pillows. And lastly, shoes! I needed some new sneakers and these were a great price.

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The next stop was a little unexpected to be honest. I went to to get this skirt and ended up doing a ton of sweater shopping – something I’ve been needing. I’m still gravitating towards minimal colors – grey, whites, blacks and browns. These prices were incredible, though, and they’re running a sale for X off depending on what you spend. I reached $250, so I received $75 dollars off. I’m really excited to have some of these new pieces in my wardrobe – they’ll go perfectly with my new boots! (See below)

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Lastly! I’ve been wanting Yezzy styled boots foooorrreeever. There are tons of knock-offs out there, but some look a little cheap and don’t hug your ankles the same way the real ones do. I considered a few other pairs that were closer to $200, but then I saw THESE. They’re beautiful and I originally saw them full price at, but with a little investigation found them significantly lower at Macy’s. I ordered the black to start and may go back from the green depending on how much I like these.

Lastly, I just remembered (oh vey, that means I shopped a little too much this weekend) that I also made a purchase at Their activewear is SO good, I’ve shared it with you previously Here, so I purchased a couple new pieces. They’re also a good go-to for chokers and staples like simple body suits, etc.

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