Mindful Meal Delivery Service in Southern Cal + Code to Try Yours

Busy lifestyles call for a little help so I was super excited when Crateful, a Chrissy Teigen approved organic meal delivery service, reached out to me for a collaboration. This is my first time trying something like this and I didn’t know what to expect so here are my thoughts on it.

What I love about Crateful is that they are a mindful meal deliver service, but that doesn’t mean tasteless and boring. Foods are high quality, rich tasting and in accordance with good, health, mind and body. I ended up selecting the Mindful menu, which is for vegetarians. I loved it but I don’t eat a lot of pastas as major part of my diet, so I’d probably select the pescatarian option next time. (You can customize the menu to your preferences, which is cool).

Here’s how they describe it on their website: The Mindful Menu is built on award-winning vegetarian recipes. Ancient grains, free range eggs and delicious cheeses are combined with fresh, organic ingredients for filling, balanced meals that keep you inspired. 

The ingredients are fresh – lots of colors mean tons of good nutrients – and everything is very pleasing to the eye too! Their food presentation (for an at home delivery service) is impressive.

My favorites from the week were the (1) Goat cheese with tomato quiche. They provided that for dinner one night which was so good! (2) Tomato & manchego arancini & speghetti squash in tomato sauce and blanched vegetables (3) Banana and peach ACAI bowl with chia seeds, almonds and cashews – a really yummy breakfast (4) Hazelnut Risotto with halloumi cheese (which is basically like a steak cheese and the best thing in life that I was introduced to by Crateful).

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I would definitely do it again, especially because it saves you time and if you’re getting lunch at work you often have to purchase a $10-15 meal anyways. You spend tons of money on groceries or dinner for the week but this way you don’t to cook, or clean, just heat! They even send fresh juices and offer an option for desserts, too. I think the concept is really cool, especially because you’re introduced to new foods or ideas for meals that maybe you haven’t thought of in a while. It’s good to break up your routine, too, because eating the same thing over and over isn’t good (I’m super guilty of that).

If you want to try out their service, use the code STYLEWAXPOETIC for 20% off your first meal.





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