Last Minute Gifts For Her Under $20

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If you’re a last minute shopper like me, I thought you may be able to use some ideas for gifts this year that could work for a sister, best friend, girlfriend, etc. These are all gifts I’ve either had on my list or received already. And the best part is they’re all gifts for her under $20!

1. Satin Slip Dress Nightie – I saw this pretty slip dress nightgown styled with super cute high knee socks and a cozy sweater for lounging around the house and I thought it was a perfect combination of cozy and sexy. It’s a great gift for any girl and it’s on sale! The socks and cozy sweater make for an even more complete gift.

2. A well designed candle – it’s not the most personal, but I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say you can’t go wrong with a beautiful candle. I don’t think I’ve ever received a candle that I didn’t love when it comes wrapped in a pretty package and looks beautiful in my apartment. I am one for fashion and design though, so maybe keep that in mind, but they are a special gift to me when it’s a beautiful looking one.

3. Etsy Jewelry – you may have heard me rave before, I love Etsy’s jewelry! I’ve done my research and it makes perfect sense – you get more bang for your buck because you cut out the middle and of a retailer! And, I love that everyone on Etsy has a personal story – the pieces are made in Spain or somewhere in the middle of the US. It’s almost like a home cooked meal? You get the idea. lol These pretty thin rose good hoops were on my Christmas list – yes, I’m getting back into the hoop game. These rings are also so beautiful

4. Marble Laptop Case with details – any Mac users and minimalists will love this cover, and it’s REALLY relative in price! Everyone has been raving about the marble cases but this one is a little different with the bronze detail. I actually just purchased it for myself!

5. Shades of Blush – blush tones and rose golds have been so popular in the home lately! I have this pillow (from Ikea actually) and purchased it about a year ago.I love it and so glad I did. If she happens to love blush (most girls do right now!) then she may love this accent pillow for her couch, bed or arm chair. You’d probably have know her well though and know her decor.

6. Marble Pot Holders – you may seem I’m on a role here with this marble and blush trend, but let’s be honest – all things marble and blush are kinda amazing. (so says EVERYONE). I also think if whoever you’re shopping for loves to entertain or cook, she’ll really appreciate this gift!

6. Londontown Lakur in Metallics – I have a couple of these polishes and I love them. They’re vegan, 9-free polishes and they really work. I also love their color options and packaging. This polish is a pretty neutral shade but something a little different for the holidays and new years. This is a gift for her if she’s a little outside the box and likes to have fun with fashion.

See a few more gifts her below and happy holidays everyone.


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