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Hi loves! Happy Easter to you all. This weekend I spent a lot of time thinking about my wardrobe and what spring fashion trends I want to be wearing. I feel like I say that a lot but I guess as a fashion blogger and someone who is constantly evolving their style, that’s what we do.  Something else happened this weekend which definitely inspired me. My friend tagged me in THIS photo asking if it was me.. I began to look at her style and realize we do have some similarities! Her photos definitely made me miss tan skin, long locks and off the shoulder dresses.

It’s often that weeks go by without a purchase being made, but then something hits (usually a sale LOL) and I go on big shopping spree (this weekend for example..whoops). It’s been a while since I’ve shared a shopping post, so I hope you enjoy it. It’s focused on Spring Fashion Trends and Must-Haves for my own personal life, which I hope inspire you. The below image is shoppable by clicking on the + sign. Let me know what you think of this new style I’m trying and if you like it, I’ll make sure to incorporate more.


This piece is perfect for under a white slip dress (see example here) or t-shirt, or on its own with a black blazer and high-waisted black jeans.


I saw these jeans on a blogger, Thrift of Threads. She’s taller than me which can really affect the way things look at fit but I still wanted to try these jeans out. They remind me of the Levi’s High-Wasited look that’s so sexy and hard to find, so I’m giving them a try. I’ve been really into the simplicity of a high-waited jean and a sexy body suit. This one I’ve been wearing into the ground, it’s kinda ridiculous. And if you want to check out that simple look I’m referring to, see here and here. I feel like guys go crazy for this kind of simple yet sexy look – it’s definitely weekend lounge style.


I mentioned these boots in an older post and haven’t pulled the plug yet! Why? Well, I guess you could say I’ve been shopping a lot already and figured I’d wait a couple weeks, but I’m hoping they don’t disappear as so many good pieces do. I’m also not sure if I’ll get sick of the cowboy style after a while…but they are really unique pretty boots! Ugh, I’ll have to update you all once I make the purchase….and let me know if you do before I get to it.


After seeing this picture on Instgram I knew I needed this bralette. I LOVED the styling on this bad ass babe. She just screams effortlessly cool, something I haven’t quite figured out yet, but I purchased the bralette. First step?!


I just received my new Shore Project Watch recently and I’m excited to show it to you in an outfit post. Some things I’m loving: it’s waterproof and scratch resistant – (I’m so hard on my jewelry so this is KEY). The watch face can be swapped out – for example, I have black face and gold band but I’m thinking a white face will be super cute too! Also love the gold face pictured – clearly I had a hard time deciding.


Literally so cute and only $15. Is there anything else to say?…There is…I’d wear this with an off the shoulder dress, jean jacket and cute sandals with a tiny heel (talking like 1 inch). Now let’s go somewhere tropical or to brunch in LA!


All my sweaters from last season have been worn into the ground. I gravitate towards creams and lighter shade sweaters, but sadly they don’t last that long. I know we’re in spring and heading into summer, but LA gets cold at night so I purchased this sweater yesterday. It was really affordable at $34 dollars. Seriously, it was not safe for me to be on the computer yesterday. ;)


I thought it was a little nuts when I saw the same top twice (1 and 2) but clearly VERY different prices. There might be a slight material difference, but honestly they may be exactly the same! From the looks of it, they are very similar.


These are perfect for everyday and because they’re black leather, I think they’ll last me for a while, thankfully. They make every outfit look chic but also the “cool girl” style – jeans, ripped jeans, dresses…they go with it all.


I have been looking for a sandal with a small heel for summer when I want to wear a flowy dress and run around town or I want o wear a bathing suit and high-waists jean shorts. These go with a lot. I haven’t purchase them yet but love the concept.


Excited to wear more of these this spring and summer. These can seriously be a staple outfit choice with a jacket and cute sandals – comfortable and chic.


I did a post not too long ago about Etsy finds and why it’s so much cheaper and easier to shop there, rather than an online retailer that marks the price up to make a buck. I have been wanting to buy much more jewelry from Etsy to step up my accessories game. I’m grabbing this necklace tonight.


With all this dress talk and summer staples, self-tanner is a must. I’ve been wanting good spray tanner that goes on lightly and evenly. I’m going to give this a whirl and please let me know if you have any other recommendations and I’ll make sure to report back when I find my favorite.



  1. Kristen
    March 28, 2016 / 5:54 pm

    AMAZING!! Purchasing now. xxoxo @Teresa

  2. March 28, 2016 / 1:51 pm

    Awesome post! Thank you. The hats on sale BTW! Only $10 bucks!

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