How To Wear a Slip Dress Over A T-shirt

Black Slip Dress over Shirt, Slip Dress over Shirt, Mettallic bomers with Red, Gigham Sneakers

We all know 90s fashion has made a comeback in a major way and a slip dress over a t-shirt is classic. It’s an easy way to infuse a little creativity into your outfit! I tried the look for the first time and I really love the way everything came together – it’s comfortable, breathable for summer and still has that little “something”that makes you feel good about your look.

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A big part of this look has to do with the bomber jacket – it completes the slip dress over a t-shirt look. You may have seen that Gucci came out with an incredible silver metallic bomber which is beautiful? So of course, like natural, everyone started to copy them adding a red and black trim to a metallic bomber and it’s quite the look! I found this one in stores and they no longer have it but this gorgeous metallic bomber is pretty much exact to the Gucci bomber.

Slip Dress over Shirt, How to wear a slip dress, Metallic bomber, Kristen Conahan, Style Wax Poetic

The second thing that makes this outfit amazing is material of the DSTLD black slip dress – it’s so comfortable and chic! DSTLD is one of my favorite lines, known for their jeans, but what I love about them is the concept of who they are. They have a background in design and realized that they can make affordable and quality clothes, for a 1/3 of the price of designer pieces. AND they’re made in LA – pretty dope, right?! I wrote about them a while back here and attended an amazing dinner they had too! I’m happy to be working with them again because I really admire and respect their work. All of their stuff is really cute – basics mainly but with edge – but quality and cute!

Kristen conahan, DSTLD Clothing, LA Designers, Cute Girls in Sneaks, KRisten Conahan

OK, so, lastly…these SNEAKERS! They’re SO over the top but I’m happy I purchased them, because of course they’re sold out. O One thing I’ve learned lately when shopping, if you see something you really like, buy it! Everything sells out quickly these days. But I did link some sneaker that have the same look! So check all these options out below <3.

Would you wear a slip dress over a t-shirt? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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