Weekend ready

Weekend ready means more than weekend plans. It means having the right outift.

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If you read my blog, you may know that’s where I struggle. Looking cute and casual has been tough for me – I love heels! – but the right shoe can help make you feel chic.

As someone on the shorter side, 5’4, adding a heel can make your legs appear longer, and some may think sexier. Plus, heels are just a power shoe! Being on a constant hunt for a good balance of both, I’ve come to really appreciate these lace up wedged shoes. I love that they they are on-trend with the lace ups and the wedge ensures you can actually walk in them. They are incredibly comfortable – I really could walk in them all day.

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I’ve talked a lot about lace-up shoes on the blog and I’ve had only one good pair of black lace up shoes that I wore all the time. They are definitely gorgeous, but they have a very thin heel, so comfort isn’t exactly my side when donning them. I wanted a lace up shoe with a wedge  that I could do errands in and feel really amazing in, which these fit the bill.

There’s also something about buying neutrals. I think a neutral shoe will last a while and a nude, taupe or light brown shoe will really go with EVERYTHING.

What’s your favorite weekend outfit? Let me know what you’re loving.


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