Weekend Style | How To Wear Joggers

Weekend Style | How To Wear Joggers

how-to-wear-joggers. Street style joggers, Pink Sneakers,

Thank the heavens, it’s completely appropriate to wear sweatpants in public this season.

how to wear joggers, street style joggers, pink sneakers,

There are a few fall trends I’m excited to share with you this season. Today we’re talking about how to wear joggers, otherwise known as an upscale and sexy pair of sweatpants.

What’s not to love?!


Joggers recently came to rise because of their laid back, comfortable style and even though they are casual, they are still completely flattering. This trend falls somewhere between fashion and streetwear and it seems the two worlds are blending at the moment. I’m SO all for it.

Jogger Pants, Fall Jogger Pants, how to wear Jogger pants

I’ve always loved a little edginess with my fashion but no matter how edgy the overall look, it’s important to remain feminine. When you’re thinking how to wear joggers, remember that when you’re wearing an androgynous trend, and it’s best to find the balance between masculine and feminine.

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One of the ways I did this was by adding these amazing pink sneakers! Ohhh, I’m obsessed..AND they are really affordable.

The second thing I’d always recommend when wearing joggers is to wear a form fitting top  that flatters your body and curves. Since your joggers are a little looser, your top should be form fitting to ensure you’re outfit doesn’t look sloppy. A good rule of thumb I speak to a lot in my posts (form fitting top or bottom = looser on the reverse).

Another way to ensure your femininity comes across with a look like this is to maximize the beauty of your hair.

As women, hair can be one of our most feminine and beautiful accessories.

If you’re trying to dress it up, ensure your hair is down, long and feminine. Show your curls or if you have short hair, maybe add a lipstick in red or mauve.

The last thing I want to mention about how to wear joggers is that these pants can in fact be worn with heels and can be more than just weekend wear! Try them with a simple heel, like these open toe kitten heels (if you’re going for comfort) or these if you want to be a little sexier.

What do you think of the jogger look. Will you wear it? Let me know babes! X


Photography by Michel Pinto



  1. mary
    December 11, 2016 / 10:55 am

    What great suggestions to wear something comfy but still look famine.

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