What To Wear on a Date + A Mac Book Giveaway!

What To Wear on a Date + A Mac Book Giveaway!

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LA is pretty casual when it comes to fashion – I’m usually a jeans kind of girl – but there’s something so lovely and sweet about getting dressed up for date night. Expressing my feminine side makes me feel empowered as a woman – do you agree? I really love to feel that way especially around a man that makes me feel Coordinate sets, what to wear on date night,

What To Wear On A Date, Kristen Conahan, Cute Date Outfits, Two Piece Coordinate Sets

amazing and safe. (Corny much? I’m in one of those moods, bare with me)

What to wear on date night, what to wear on a date, cute date night outfits, two piece dresses

Which brings me to today’s look. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I love a good coordinate set and I’ve always suggested this look when deciding what to wear on a date. What I love about coordinate sets is their simplicity and effortlessness when getting ready. Throw on a jacket and heels and you’re out the door feeling amazing and comfortable. Here is another example on how I wore a similar look.


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kris-54What to wear on a date, what to wear on date night, kris-51

Being a fashion blogger, my fashion can often get complicated and sometimes a little out the box. I appreciate that side of fashion because it’s a form of creative expression but I also think men are simple creatures. For one of the first few dates, I play it simple and try not to wear too much fussiness on my first dates until we’re further into a relationship. Men also don’t really seem to get fashion (for the most part, if you know what I mean) but they do appreciate beauty in all it’s forms – inner beauty, kindness and of course appearance.

With the holidays approaching or maybe it’s something in the air, I’ve been feeling my romantic side come out lately and I want to be girly and feminine as ever! I’m on the hunt for gorgeous dresses for you and I even bought myself some red roses this past weekend. I love waking up to them by my bedside.

Do you struggle on what to wear on a date and would you wear this look?

Couple other fun updates I wanted to share with you:

  • Yesterday I spoke on my first panel as a blogger on Revelation LA! I shared some of it on Instagram stories which will be there for a few more hours. It was so much fun and also inspired me to share of my knowledge with you all. I’m thinking of launching a blogger tips series since there is so much to note on the topic. It also felt great to be a part of a group of amazing women entrepreneurs who are supporting one another and also making their dreams happen! More to come on this topic, because I think it’s a really great one, and my hope is to inspire you to chase your dreams and passions as well.
  • Saturday had the most amazing facial and I will be sharing more on this salon – they truly impressed me and made me feel so welcome and amazing. If you’re in LA or near Pasadena, I highly recommend a stop in.
  • Lastly, I have an amazing giveaway for you! I’ve been participating in some loop giveaways on Instagram but this one is a blog giveaway and it’s pretty amazing! See below on the Rafflecopter to see how to participate for a chance to win a Canon Camera or a Mac Book Pro.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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