How To Wear Women’s Fashion Sneakers + 6 To Buy Now

Women’s fashion sneakers have been in style for a while and they’re still going strong. Designers have been adding women’s fashion sneakers to their collections and creating beautiful shoes with intricate designs that don’t even resemble what our traditional sense of sneakers were in the past. I remember being so turned off by our older options of sneakers (yuck!). Thank goodness for what we have available today. This post will cover How To Wear Women’s fashion sneakers – it’ll be a fun one, there’s SO many options.

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This fashion darling looks effortless but I would imagine there was a lot of time spent coordinating this look. Pastels are big for spring, I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’ve been wearing softer blue hues quite often. What I love about this look is her sneakers match her clutch perfectly. Although nothing completes her look like her pink round frame glasses – they really bring everything together.


This is great look for summer because it’s cool and comfortable, all the while being totally put together. I love a good mini skirt, but when I pair it with heels I often feel like I have too much skin revealed. I like to wear my mini skirts with flats, like she is here with sneakers.

Women's Fashion sneakers

This look found on Pinterest is darling and so chic. It’s overly girly with the organza skirt frills, but paired with a nike sneaker for that ultra cool girl vibe. Seriously, if you work in a creative office, this is definitely work attire. There’s a good chance you have something feminine or flirty in your closet too that you have never thought of wearing with sneakers. If you do try it out make sure to post to Instagram and tag me so I can see! @stylewaxpoetic.



OK, she’s perfect. You know I LOVE leather jackets – I mean duh and duh. Her look is so good because it’s dressy casual while put together. I love the pastel pants used with neutrals as well – a great way to add a little bit of color. Also, this light blue is definitely trending! I like these trousers if you want to create the same look (they’re only $9). If you’re short these blue pants have a nice crop. I also think her red lipstick MAKES this look – blue and red tend to go well if you pull the right red with blue undertones.

And finally, why I brought you this post is because Net-A-Porter if having a sale! Gasp! They have so many AMAZING THINGS but this post is starting you off with women’s fashion sneakers and I’ll be incorporating more in future posts. These below are a few of my faves (and the image is shoppable – just click on the + sign. A lot of these are under $100 too or amazing designers marked down quite a bit.

Lastly, I LOVE writing these types of posts but they do take hours which is why I haven’t been doing them that often, so I wanted to ask is this something you like or do you prefer just outfits? Excited to hear your feedback and hope you enjoy the Net-A-Porter sale!


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