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Happy Weekend friends. I’m resting in LA after a couple days in San Diego with my family celebrating Father’s Day early and my niece’s graduation from 6th grade. I came back today to an extreme heat wave, making it feel a little bit like Palm Springs in LA! Oye vey. It’s definitely nice as long as you have the escape you need from the heat. Today I’m indoors working on a post featuring one of my favorite stores, Zara, and a few things I picked up for summer. Then, I’m off to go shopping with a friend at The Grove (one of my favorites in LA).

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I often talk about going through periods of time where I don’t shop for a while then I go on weekend binge of shopping. This usually happens when the seasons change and I just don’t feel equipped with the seasonal pieces I need. In the entrance of spring, I talked about importance of a new spring bag and a few key pieces in softer hues that go with all your lighter colors. So what’s on the list for summer?

Zara Faux Leather Jacket, light blue leather, Summer leather jackets, Zara, Zara fashion, Zara Summer Favorites

I noticed that I don’t have a lot of jackets/jean jackets/blazers in softer hues to complete the look I want for spring and summer fashion, so I was excited to pick this faux leather jacket from Zara in soft blue. I really like it because of the color and it goes with a lot, but to be honest, it’s a little boxy. For only $69.99 though, I felt it was a for sure buy and I’m sure it will wear in over time to fit better. I find it looks better with skirts rather than jeans – a good example of that here with a ballerina skirt and yellow pumps. I’ve also been eyeing the soft pink faux leather jacket (it was released after I purchased the blue) and haven’t made the plunge but may do it soon! I’m kinda obsessed with all things blush lately.

dainly rings

The reason I still am shopping for jackets and outerwear is because it gets cold at night in LA and I always feel more comfortable with an outwear piece to complete the look (and protect my skin). For example, I wore these amazing new True Religion jeans, with a new lace-tank I’m loving, but I needed something to complete the look. I’ve had this duster sitting in my closet for a while and I realized how useful it was after wearing it that night to keep me warm when it gets cooler. On my list are a few simple dusters, jackets and sleeveless blazers to wear as layering pieces.

Zara-Fashion, suede purse, mustard suede purse

I’ve also purchased a lot of my handbags from Zara over the years because they’re reasonable in price and have great detail.

My newest is this mustard colored purse in suede. It’s a little bit of a random color for me, definitely an impulse purchase, but I still love it.

Layered Necklaces, how to wear layered necklaces, easy jewelry, minimal jewelry

The last thing I want to touch on today is my new layered necklaces. I’ve been searching around forever for reasonably priced beautiful jewelry that fits my style and talked about in in this post featuring Etsy.

I found a sweet little shop called Blushes and Gold. I’ve been so impressed by her shop from the designs to the adorable packaging! Seriously, everything is so reasonable and it’s definitely worth the purchase.

I love my necklaces and I also want to get this bar pendant gold chain necklace among many more. Here’s the link to the circle lariat necklace I’m wearing and the drop bar pendant personalized with my name on it.

Up next is a continuation of this post, a beauty review, another ASK THE DERM and much more. I’ve also been a lot more active on Snapchat -are you? If so, follow me at stylewaxpoetic. I’m going to launch a fun giveaway series in my newsletter subscribers and also incorporate it into my Snapchat. Plus you get to meet my pups and see where I live. :)



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