Timeless Coats and Boots with Fur | Seasonal Favorites from Andrew Marc


Deep down, I love a good deal when shopping which is why I’m always tempted to buy everything at the end of season. Right now is amazing time to buy coats, jackets and boots because there still a lot of good pieces in and many of them, marked down. And it makes sense to buy quality. I’ve purchased knits and outerwear from a few fast fashion stores, but my better quality pieces last me for years. Invest in good knits, classic statement pieces and scarves that you know you’ll be able to wear for years to come. Today, I’m sharing with you my favorites from Andrew Marc.


Andrew Marc is known for classic style, great leather pieces, coats but with an edgy fashionable style. This season they incorporated one of my favorite trends, fur, into a lot of their pieces. It just so happens most of the pieces with fur ended up being my favorite. First on this list, this amazing scarf that adds so much chicness and drama to any outfit. So chic on these girls below.

faux fur scarf, end of season fur, faux fur, faux fur street style

This season, Andrew Marc  just launched their first collection of shoes. I’ve struggled on how to do cabin chic when going to the mountains or anywhere with snow for that matter, and I’ve always wished I had cute cabin wear. Serious struggle! Andrew Marc makes boots that are perfect for that and also walking raound the city on a snowy day. My favorite are the Hudson Booties, They can be worn up or folded down – my favorite  is the tan colored fur.

Boots with Fur, Andrew Marc, Cabin Chic Style, What to wear to a cabin

 You’ll find that Andrew Marc’s coats and jackets have amazing structure. A good coat means nothing if it doesn’t fit well to your body or has a boxy style. I love looking at a brands website but honestly I look at their social media more so when deciding what I really want to wear as it gives me an idea on how it’ll look on and how to style it. Below shop my favorite coats.


Classic New york Style, best winter coats

Tristina Coat – Marked down 46% off

Tan Leather Coat with Fur, Best coats of the season, coats with fur, boots with fur

Tan Leather Jacket with Fur – also on sale!

sexy black faux fur, faux fur scarves

I love how SEXY this fur vest is on this babe. Shop similar HERE.

Did you like this post? Do you want more ideas on how to wear these and similar pieces? Let me know what you think – I would love to create content that you’re looking for.


This post was sponsored by Andrew Marc but all of these opinions are my own. I truly try to only work with sponsored brands that fit my esthetic and I would wear or shop on my own.

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