DIY Gold Leaf Wine Glass

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The holidays are here and before we know it, they will be gone. Which is why every year I try to remind myself to take some time to let it all soak in before they are over! There’s a lot of magic this time a year. :)

For me, I love spending time with my girlfriends for holiday nights at home, decorating, dinners or making cute DIY presents, like these Gold Leaf Glasses. Let me start and say, I’m not DIY expert but there’s quite a few DIY projects that are really easy – and thank goodness for that!

This project is a lot of fun but I will say that Gold Leafing is something you get better with at time. The results are gorgeous and your friends will be uber impressed, so have a  little fun with it. Also, what I love about this project is that the same techniques can be applied to other glass objects or even picture frames.

DIY, Gold Leaf DIY, Holiday DIY IDEAS, how to gold leaf



Wine Glasses or Glass Candle Holders – 4 glasses for $9.99

Gold Leaf Adhesive (metal adhesive will work) – buy here.

Gold Leaf Sealer – buy here

Gold Leaf  – buy here

Sponge Brushes

Masking Tape


Tape off any area that you don’t want covered with gold leaf. For my project, I wanted the rim of the glass to have Gold Leaf and the base of the glass, which means any area close to that needed to be covered. I also did the same with the inside of the glass.


Spray the adhesive on the area you want to gold leaf. For this part, I recommend going outside or making sure you have a lot of cross ventilation, as this is definitely a strong smell.


Gold Leaf! Press your gold leaf papers on the area with the adhesive – cut your papers to fit well within the space you’d like to use them on. *Reminder, gold leaf will still to the glue make sure your hands are clean to prevent the gold leaf from sticking to your hands.

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After the gold leaf dries, paint a layer of sealer on the gold leaf. This will make your glass drinkable. :) Let it dry.


Peel off the tap and you’re left with only the gold leaf, in the ares you’d like it to be.

Gold Leaf DIY, Holiday DIY, DIY Holiday Presents, DIY Christmas Presents

Enjoy the beautiful leftovers! I think these make the best holiday gifts for a friend. Talk about labor of love! If you try making them, post to Instagram and tag @stylewaxpoetic so I can see what you create! Happy Holidays, sweet friends. XX

Photography by Teresa Fae Conahan


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