Store Visit: Elodie K


Everything seems to be online these days: dating, picture sharing, staying in touch with friends and especially, shopping. But really, how nice is it to actually visit a boutique once and a while, especially when you know you’re going to find unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else? Enter Elodie K.

This newly opened boutique (Spring 2014), resides on the beautiful tree-lined Melrose Place, right next to Alfred Coffee. The store reflects Elodie’s Parisian roots and easy-going, Californian sensibility. A lot of the pieces she admits wouldn’t be right for Paris but here, they’re perfect. Elodie also brings in brands you can’t find else wear to fill a need she felt when she first started shopping here in LA. “Every store carried the same stuff,” she mentioned. “Nothing fit the way I wanted to dress.”

I especially love the blend of French and California hippie-chic selections like Sunday St Tropez (I need this piece in my life), hand selected shoes with flare like Sophia Webster and a work out line VPL that will make you feel so cute there’s no way you’re not going on that hike you’re contemplating. She also carries a beautiful scent from Paris Lolita Jaca that she literally can’t keep in stock.

If you can’t make it to Paris, we’re lucky to have a glimpse of their style and best lines here at Elodie K. I promise you’ll find a few pieces that will make you feel Tres Chic in LA!





Imagery by Michel Pinto Photography


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